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Why Career Development Matters: Round 2

This topic contains 14 replies, has 13 voices, and was last updated by  Sharon Ferriss 3 years, 5 months ago.

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    Norman Valdez

    Welcome to our Career Development Matters discussion. Here you are encouraged to share your thoughts on the value of career development and how career development professionals are making a difference to Canadians.

    From youth to newcomers and from special needs populations to older adults, career development impacts the economic and social well-being of the country and its citizens. It shapes individuals, families and communities. It drives education, work and life. It enhances Canada’s productivity and innovation. What’s your perspective?

    You can also support CERIC in advancing this conversation by purchasing one of our Career Development Matters t-shirts or toques! Purchase them here:

    Contribute to and follow the discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #cdmatters.

    This is the round 2 conversations on the topic of Why Career Development Matters, for round 1, see the following closed thread:

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    Marilyn Van Norman

    We are nor born with career development skills. They are learned and best learned from career professionals.

    To the little boy in Newfoundland who dreams of being a firefighter, to the teenager in Quebec who is having trouble deciding whether to go into a career or pre-university program at CEGEP, to the university student who is graduating in New Brunswick and wants help determining which career direction to follow, to the visually impaired unemployed man in Ontario wanting to get back to work, to the recent immigrant in Manitoba who is looking for help adjusting to Canada and is looking to get into the labour market, to the pipe fitter in Alberta who would like to know where else in the world his skills are needed, to the recently retired woman in British Columbia who wants to work part-time but isn’t sure how to go about finding a job. – career development matters!

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    Maggie Kannon

    Career development matters because people get bored of doing the same thing day in and day out. Career development allows a person to expand their options within their current field or to complete jump tracks and take a different career path.

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    Career development matters because it is the future of our Country. Without career development people would stop stimulating their minds with valuable knowledge and skills after hihg-school and post-secondary education. The world would become a stagnant and possibly boring place if we did not want to continually expand on our competencies. Career development, whether from further education/courses or coaching assistance, empowers people to want to gain more knowledge and to improve on the skills they already have. Career development provides a welcoming challenge to people from all walks of life!

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    Allison Rosemond

    Career development matters because it (the process) allows individuals to 1) learn about themselves, 2) learn about their career options and 3) make knowledgeable career decisions.

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    Victoria Driver

    Career Development Matters as part of high school curriculum by allowing students to see the relevance of what they are learning vs. what they hope to do in the future. REF. Essential Skills
    They also learn about career and education planning and work search skills. The hope is that they do not join the ranks of young people who have a university degree but do not understand that it is their skills that they need to market and not that piece of paper. We encourage students to start building their network early by talking to people and conducting informational interviews. If they can get into a program that offers an internship, CO-OP placement directed fleld studies or practicums, better still. Victoria Driver Career Practitioner Lester B. Pearson High School Calgary AB

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    Joanne Stuart

    I believe Career Development Matters because in the 15 years I have been involved in this field, it has been evident time and time again that we need help making decisions about focusing our talents and choosing work.
    For most of us a career is not a lone sport but a community endeavor supported and sponsored by family, business, experience and education.

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    Sharon Ferriss

    Have you seen our Career Development Matters video yet? Mark Franklin, Practice Leader & President, CareerCycles; Phil Jarvis, Director of Global Partnerships, Career Cruising; and Matt Wood, Executive Director, First Work share their perspectives. Once you’ve watched the video – please add to the conversation here with your thoughts.

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    Career Development Matters!
    Being new to the industry, my eyes have been opened to why it matters! One of our activities we did in class was to take the words job, occupation, and career and define each. After coming together and working on a definition in which the entire class was happy with, the career definition was the most intriguing one. We had concluded that your entire education, occupations, and jobs all fit into your career. Your career is your life! This is not to say people only live to work, but when it’s all said and done and you look back at all your professional endeavors, you’re looking at your career.
    Our life is always developing, which then makes sense that our careers are too! We look to friends, family, spirituality, horoscopes, fortune cookies, and magic 8-balls to help us with answers in our life. This is because there are no life experts!! But we are blessed to have career experts who can help guide and listen to our needs.
    A Polaroid picture takes only a few minutes to develop, we take a lifetime.

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    Anne-Marie Rolfe

    I believe that career development matters (both our own careers and those of our clients) because there are times when others see something in us that we can not see for ourselves. As career professionals we can shift peoples personal perspectives and open up new opportunity.

    So an at-risk-youth is sitting across from you. As you dialogue the only topic that gets any traction is gaming. While on the surface this may seem like a trivial topic, a journey into the world of gaming will reveal an industry rich in imagination, creativity, skilled work, and highly intricate details. It takes skill and persistence to excel in some of these games. So now you have an at-risk-youth who has great hand eye coordination, ability to concentrate, interest in computers, able to persist in problem solving…what career possibilities are you thinking of for this youth? I have no doubt that it is more than s/he is thinking of for themselves. This is just one example of how our work matters.

    The other side is why our own career development matters. As we grow, we role model growth for those around us and those we serve. It keeps us fresh, relevant and valuable. Key qualities for a sustainable career in our modern age.

  • #23695

    Alastair MacFadden

    I think we’d probably all agree that career development matters because it supports the development, growth and resilience of individuals. It also matters because providing information and options facilitates more deliberate decisions among individuals, schools and businesses. Like Sareena, I think our greatest challenge is communicating the impact of career development services in a way that is meaningful. Most Canadians have not experienced career development services, and they don’t know what it is or what it could be. Canada has a great opportunity to demonstrate the impact of career development by focusing on our young people, particularly among youth populations that have historically had limited success in the labour market.

  • #23696

    Chris Kulbaba

    Career Development has a special place in my life – I never even knew it existed until a few short years ago. I never knew it existed, let alone it mattered. Since becoming involved in this sector, I am simply overwhelmed at the options and choices that are available.

    Everyone that is unaware of what career development is are at risk – they are at risk of an unfulfilled career, an unbalanced life, they are at risk of never realizing they can lead themselves into their own future. This is a process that is organic and dynamic, a process that impacts every level of a community and country as a whole. It just takes longer to see the larger implications of a population left adrift without a rudder in their work directions.

    The balance of our lives, our work, and our learning – it is a perfect balance of this trinity of activities, borne from unique and individual values that are created from goals, beliefs and views. My own perception of what career development is can be defined simply – the intentional construction of a defined balance between your learning, your life and your work. job seeking never stops when you are employed, it only changes.

    “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago – the next best time is today.” This ancient Chinese proverb is thousands of years old, yet it still is relevant today. Many times, we shy away from making a statement or a decision for fear of being judged. Let me say – FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A COMMENT! …(yes, I shouted that.) Every single statement here will only serve to further increase the discussion, make us all richer and better, and increase the conversations of career development. Thanks for reading.

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    Sharon Ferriss

    With CERIC’s new Career Development Matters toques, you can help continue the conversation about the value of career development – and protect yourself from a polar vortex!

    The toques launched at the Cannexus14 National Career Development Conference in Ottawa. They are the next step in our campaign to encourage career development professionals to have conversations in their communities about the difference their work makes. Conversations about why Career Development Matters also continue to take place here in this forum.

    Toques are available in French (Le développement de carrière, ça compte!) and we still continue to offer our popular Career Development Matters t-shirts for both men and women (great for all seasons!) for sale.

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    Our Career Development Matters – Ask Me Why t-shirts have proven popular for career outreach events, including at university career centres. Pictured here peer helpers at the University of Guelph wear the shirts to outreach events around campus and during their office hours to promote the message.

  • #39771

    Sharon Ferriss

    Career Development Matters t-shirts are back, now in a vibrant orange! Buy one (or several) today to start conversations about why Career Development Matters around your school, workplace or community: Be sure to also share your thoughts in this group about the value of career development.

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