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Deaf / Hard of Hearing Career Practitioners and Webnairs

Homepage – ContactPoint Forums Group Forums Deaf / Hard of Hearing Career Practitioners and Webnairs

This topic contains 2 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by  Tammy Lawley (Gray) 4 years, 3 months ago.

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    Tammy Lawley (Gray)

    Are there currently any Deaf / Hard of Hearing Career Practitioners using webnairs?  Do you hire sign language interpreters to interpret the webnairs for you?  Are the presenters willing to submit a transcript of the lecture?

    How do you get your credits if you cannot access the webnairs?

    Feedback would be appreciated.

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    Hi sorry I didn’t see this until now. I will check this out with our Employment Consultants within CHS and ask them to share their thoughts.  There are some  Employment Counsellors with other agencies. Some of them are Deaf or hard of hearing themselves and most have indicated experiencing barriers in accessing  webinars due to no captioning or ASL/English interpreting.  Some are accessible and this all depends on initial design in producing the webinar.  Anyone producing webinars should design an accessibility checklist to ensure they are accessible to various audiences. You can make webinars accessible by way of communication using caption or ASL/spoken English interpreting by purchasing these services and have this done as you produce the webinars. Being almost deaf myself, if the webinar is not accessible friendly by way of visual communication  I usually ask if I could get the transcript in advance so I can follow the lecture. This works for me but if the webinar includes Q&A then this is hard to follow.  In order to get credits for the course, the trainer would need to offer accommodation like transcript or lecture contents so Deaf or hard of hearing person have the same access.

    Gordon Ryall

    Director Employment Services, CHS

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    Tammy Lawley (Gray)

    Thank you Gordon for your feedback.  It’s nice to see a familiar name here.  🙂  (i’m from WIDHH)

    I have spoken with our BCCDA who I am under about this and have asked them to talk to their committee.  I also am in the process of writing a letter to them to see how we can change this for all employment counselors who are Deaf / Hard of hearing. I am wondering Deaf / Hard of Hearing Career Practitioners  across Canada would like to get together for a 1-2 days conference with all the information related to employment counseling?  That would be a treat!!

    Thank you for your feedback again!


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