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An Introduction

This topic contains 6 replies, has 5 voices, and was last updated by  Lucie Morillon 4 years, 5 months ago.

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    Meghan Unick

    Hello Everyone! I am sorry if this does not really count as a valid topic, but I just wanted to introduce myself as a new member of Contact Point (and maybe other new members would be free to as well?). My name is Meghan Unick, and I am a psychology student in Toronto. I have plans to study career and work counseling after graduation, and would ideally like to work with the University/College student population (in a University career centre). Other areas of interest for me are recruitment and/or admissions, as well as Masters level personal counseling.

    I wasn’t sure if the site would let students register, but it appears that it did, so I’m glad! I am excited to observe and learn from those who are trained and established in my field of interest, and look forward to new discussions, studies and information in the future! Thank you for welcoming me in Contact Point!

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    Norman Valdez

    Hi Meghan,

    Welcome to ContactPoint!

    Happy to see you are willing to try things and gather some advice from the community. This is one of the reasons the site exists. So feel free to keep coming and also spread the word to your classmates who may also benefit from this resource.

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    Hi Meghan, welcome to ContactPoint!

    Great idea to start this discussion. I am thinking that other members might be interested in introducing themselves in this discussion too. It’s a great way to reach out to new contacts in the field of career development. Are you a student at the University of Toronto? Do you know where you would like to study career and work counselling?

    I work as a content & communications co-ordinator at CERIC, an organization that aims at promoting research and professional development in the field of career development in Canada. ContactPoint and its French sister site, OrientAction, are CERIC programs, as are the Cannexus conference and the Canadian Journal of Career Development.

    Part of my work is to administer the ContactPoint online community, but I also publish the CareerWise newsletter every week and Careering magazine three times a year.

    Looking forward to learn more about other members as well!

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    Miranda Vande Kuyt

    Hi Meghan,

    Welcome to Contact Point. I enjoy Contact Point as a national place for career development practitioners to find a common voice. I’ve been working in the field for several years as a career development consultant and keep coming back to Contact Point for the resources and networking. I currently work for Life Strategies, a leader in training career development practitioners in Canada.

    I’d love to connect with you through LinkedIn as well.

    Cheers ~ Miranda Vande Kuyt

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    Meghan Unick

    Hi Everyone, thanks for replying, great to meet y’all!

    Catherine: I’m actually a student at York University; I have my sights set on George Brown for their career and work counseling program, so I really can’t wait to graduate and get started there! I’ve been to an info session for the program, and plan on going for another one to see if expectations have changed. The only thing I’m finding truly difficult is finding volunteer opportunities for students who really want to get involved with this, understandably so because counseling is a sensitive subject that requires trained professionals. I’m always looking around to see what new things I can learn and people I can talk to.

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    Hi Meghan,
    You could talk to @heatherpowell, @coseni or @scharlene who have all done the Career and Work counselling program at George Brown College, and done a practicum with us at CERIC. They could tell you about their experience!

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    Lucie Morillon

    Hello Meghan, definitely feel free to connect. I would be happy to share my experience with the CWC program and with CERIC 🙂

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