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Fall 2017

Careering - Fall 2017Fall 2017 issue: Generation Next: Pitfalls, Promise and Potential


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Hot Links: Generation Next: Pitfalls, Promise and Potential

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How Can We Understand the Pitfalls of Youth Underemployment in Canada?

A sociologist argues that if we define this as social problem rather than an individual issue, it may be time for career practitioners to advocate for the preservation of the career itself

By Karen Foster


Planting the Seed of Career Exploration in Middle School Students

Providing young people with the tools and knowledge to decide for their future

By Monica Edwards


Fostering Adolescent and Young Adult Engagement with the Help of Technology

From texting to YouTube, new tools allow counsellors to reach clients in their own comfort zone

By Steve St-Pierre


A Young Adult’s Guide to Networking

Help new graduates tap into the hidden job market with the best tool at their disposal – the information interview

By Heather Claridge


Hope-Based Interventions with Unemployed Clients

Face-to-face and online exercises allow jobseekers to maintain a sense of hope at a time when it is very easy to succumb to negative emotions

By Norman Amundson, Tannis Goddard, Spencer Niles and Hyung Joon Yoon


Models of Career Services in Canadian Post-Secondary Institutions

Universities and colleges with an “impressive” career service model evaluate their services, measure outcomes, proactively deliver services and collaborate with campus stakeholders

By Peter Dietsche


[Online Exclusive] Generation(s) Next: Lessons from the ATM

What career development professionals can do to prepare young jobseekers for a labour market defined by precarious employment

By Donnalee Bell


[Online Exclusive] The Future of the Employment Support System

A job matching system is just a Band-Aid. We need to move to an integrated workforce development model that supports youth facing multiple barriers

By Fabio Crespin


[Online Exclusive] Attracting Young Professionals to Rural Places

Project Comeback and how to rejuvenate rural communities

By Erin Robinson


[Online Exclusive] Female Entrepreneurs: Fear of Failure and the Restorative Role of Resilience

Helping female entrepreneurs requires an understanding of their unique experiences

By Lori Padley-Lee


[Online Exclusive] Is It Time to Put Retirement Out to Pasture?

As career development practitioners, we can become leaders in countering the negative effects of the aging mindset that permeates our culture

By Elizabeth Mahler and John Thompson


[Online Exclusive] Young People and the World of Work: Their Values and Job Market Expectations

My experience with young people has taught me that they offer far more than we believe or perceive

By Marie-Sylvie Dionne


[Online Exclusive] Obvious and Unexpected: The Benefits of Volunteering for Youth

Research shows that volunteering helps improve employability and acts as a route to employment – among other positive outcomes

By Melanie Hientz


The theme for the next issue of Careering magazine (Winter 2018) will be “2025: The Future of Work”. If you are interested in submitting an article, note that the final version of all articles must be received by November 20, 2017. Please review our submission guidelines and send your article to:

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