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Posts by Deirdre Pickerell

Deirdre Pickerell
Deirdre Pickerell is career management/development specialist with over 20 years’ experience. She has made significant differences within the field of career development – locally, nationally, and internationally – through innovative program design, leading-edge education for career practitioners and HR professionals, inspiring facilitation and career coaching, and selfless leadership, consulting, and mentoring throughout the sector. She is currently completing her PhD in Organizational Systems where her research interest is the links between career management and employee engagement. Her doctoral research is focused on examining the career engagement of Canadian Career Development Practitioners.

Career Development Practitioner (CDP) Certification

One of the trends mentioned in my recent What’s Trending in Career Development article was a growing focus on certification. Quebec, via l’Ordre, has had a formal credential/certification for many years. Alberta launched certification in 2005; BC quickly followed in 2010. New Brunswick will probably be the next Canadian province to put certification in place and I believe Ontario and Nova Scotia a... Read More »

What’s Trending in Career Development?

  A reflection on 10 of the past and future trends of career development in Canada By Deirdre Pickerell For the important milestone of CERIC’s 10th anniversary, it seems timely to reflect on how the career development sector has evolved over the last several years and what the future might bring. We first identified the 10 trends in career development outlined below as my Life Strategies coll... Read More »

5 Reasons to Learn More About Self-Employment

By Miranda Vande Kuyt and Deirdre Pickerell Most Career Development Practitioners (CDPs) know that the percentage of both the unemployed and self-employed rises during a recession.  It seems that when people are unable to find work, self-employment is viewed as a viable alternative.  Consequently, it would make sense that CDPs supporting unemployed Canadians would also consider self-employment as ... Read More »

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