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Fall 2012

Hot Sites This free online resource aims to help people make better career decisions by using online tools to identify job seekers’ decision-making profiles and decision-making difficulties.   Therapy Online In addition to providing online counselling services, Therapy online also offers training for counsellors wanting to do the same, in collaborati... Read More »

NCDA Conference: 100 Years of Inspiring Careers and Empowering Lives

  by Bobbi Carter “Best Conference I’ve been to!” If you joined us for the 2012 National Career Development Association’s Global Career Development Conference you’d probably agree. The 2012 NCDA Global Career Conference was held in Atlanta, GA, with record-breaking attendance numbers. We are anticipating the 2013 Conference in Boston to be no less – after all, it is our 100th year anniversary... Read More »

BOOK REVIEW – Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level

  by Julia Lebedeva Joel A. Garfinkle, Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level (Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley, c2011) This book focuses on three of the four building blocks of success – perception, visibility and influence (PVI). The use of three items is connected to the title, Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level. Performance is not included, being one of the mo... Read More »

Chaos Theory South of the 49th Parallel: One Woman’s Adventure

  by Penny Freno Just as learning opportunities are integral to the professional and personal lives of the clients our organizations support, ongoing learning is central to career practitioners’ professional growth and development. Many topics of interest to career educators can be explored through self-study, face-to-face workshops, conferences, in-service training and courses, a range of te... Read More »

Five Steps to Career Change Success: Lessons Learned in Tashiya Stewart’s Transition from Auditing to Graphic Design

  by Christelle Agboka In today’s work world, career change has become the new normal. While the reasons behind this are often involuntary (e.g., unemployment, lack of stability or low wages), voluntary career change is on the rise as people seek more challenge, satisfaction or balance from their work. Falling into the latter category is Tashiya Stewart, who left her auditing job in Jamaica t... Read More »

The Loss of a Professional Home and the Search for Career Adaptability: The Disequilibrium of Immigration

  by Lorraine Godden In July 2009, my family and I immigrated to Canada from England. As a woman in my forties, I had built a career in education in England where I felt I was making a useful contribution to society. My skills and experience were, it seemed, of value, and I had a sense of belonging within my professional environment. I felt I had achieved a professional home. Throughout the planni... Read More »

Perseverance is the Key to Success

  by Louisa Jewell I have been studying positive psychology for almost eight years now and I have determined that the key to success is perseverance. Often times we only hear about highly successful people after they have become successful so we are unaware of their struggles to the top. For example, Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy four times and it would take Shania Twain 18 years of singin... Read More »

Career Cruising in Cyberspace

  by Phil Jarvis Toronto-based Career Cruising has been in cyberspace since 1998 with tools to help career practitioners help their clients. Our cloud-based resources are accessed daily by thousands of career professionals and tens of thousands of students and clients in over 20,000 educational institutions, libraries and employment centres. We see our primary mission as engaging and inspirin... Read More »

Teaching and Learning Career Development Practice: Students’ Perspective of Blended Learning

  by Cheryl Jeffs Abstract This research investigated a blended learning format in a career development practice (CDP) program. The primary focus of this study was adult students’ perspectives of and experiences in a blended learning course, compared to traditional courses (face-to-face). Overall, the blended learning format appears beneficial to the students’ learning and development. Defini... Read More »

e-Mentoring for Motivation and Construction of the Student’s Occupational Identity

  by Anne-Marie Lefebvre When children learn how to speak or use a toothbrush, they first observe the models around them and then imitate these models. For adolescents to learn the language of trades and occupations, they must also have access to models to find about their daily work and see how they fit in before deciding what to choose. They must discover their own values, interests, capabi... Read More »

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