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Fall 2009

A Story to Share

  by Nesreen Melek My office desk separates me from my client. Eighteen years ago, I was sitting in the same chair, puzzled, depressed and not knowing what my options were. How did I make it? How did I move from being a client to an employment counselor? How did I make it? How do I look at those years? Please allow me to share my story with you. It was a hot summer day; we had an interview wi... Read More »

Become a Diversity Champion: How to Champion for Change and Create Opportunities for Inclusion

  By  Krista Maydew, MA, GCDF, and Roberta Neault, PhD, CCC, RRP, GCDF When you hear someone talking about diversity in the workplace, people often assume the discussion is about cultural or ethnic diversity. Although programs to increase diversity in the workplace have been used by both public and private sector employers for many years; the main focus has typically been on increasing repres... Read More »

What’s New

  Extreme Makeover! As you may have noticed, underwent a radical new design earlier this year in our continual efforts to improve and be of greater service to it’s users.   Based on feedback from industry professionals, colleagues, and partner organizations, the need for doing this was clear. With our expanded content and content delivery channels, we can now reach a larg... Read More »

Difficult Clients – A Lawyer’s Advice to Career Counsellors

By Juliet Wehr Jones, Vice President, Career Key Canada Difficult clients are a part of any professional practice where you are paid to give expert advice. While generally the stakes are higher for lawyers than career counsellors in dealing with difficult clients (the risks and costs of malpractice lawsuits are greater), counsellors can use the same techniques to successfully handle them.   B... Read More »

Choosing the Right Post Secondary Program

by Juliet Wehr Jones, Vice President, Career Key   With education costs going up and more people returning to school, the stakes are higher than ever for making a good program choice. Choosing the wrong major or instructional program is inconvenient, expensive, and increases students’ incompletion rate.  Fortunately, we know how to help people make a successful choice, one likely to result in... Read More »

Best Practices in e-Service: Online Communities of Practice

by Krista Maydew, MA, GCDF Cassie Saunders, BA Increasingly, we are seeing a trend toward the development and delivery of Internet based e-services.  Although e-services are typically provided directly to clients (e.g., online career management services), there also exists the possibility of providing e-services to practitioners and employers via “communities of practice” or practitioner networks.... Read More »

Practitioner’s Corner: Psychometric Testing & My Experience with GROP

  by Nathalie Perreault, c.o. Hi Everyone, Some of you may remember me from past conferences where I co-presented for Contact Point’s sister site OrientAction. Since I’ve decided to return to career counselling after a maternity leave, I thought I would update you on what I am doing now. As a career counsellor who worked mostly on specialised website development, I wanted to refre... Read More »

The Future is Now

by Di Wright No one can accurately, or consistently predict the future. That said, it is important , like Richard Worzel- known as “The Futurist “(, recommends that you have plan B and even C ready to be implemented, especially when it comes to your career.   For instance, whether we like to acknowledge it or not, the Canadian economy is affected by the American one-... Read More »

Twitter for Career Developers

By Christine Gertz Twitter has been popping up all over lately: the entertainment news regularly sources celebrity tweets—the name for a Twitter posting—and local and national news use Twitter to post news stories and traffic updates. I attended a conference where a presenter ran one screen with slides of the presentation and used another screen to “Twitter jockey” showing tweets from the audience... Read More »

Solution-focused interviewing and counselling: the answers are inside us.

by Melissa Martin, B.A. B.Ed. TEFL Bilingual career coach In my quest to elevate my professional profile and strive to be an expert in the counselling field, I used the six degrees of separation. A colleague recommended that I complete certification in solution-focused interviewing and counselling training, delivered by Dr. Ronald Warner, from the Dept. of Social Work at the University of Toronto.... Read More »

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