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Spring-Summer 2017

Learn to Pivot: The New Approach to Career Uncertainty

A four-stage framework for mapping your next move By Jenny Blake   What do you do when your dream job no longer feels like a fit? I had been working in training, coaching and career development at Google for over five years when I took a sabbatical to launch my first book, Life After College [1]. I loved working there and had a perfect-on-paper role myself ─ but something was still missing. I... Read More »

Work Ethic in the Age of Career Uncertainty

Workplace values and ethics as a defense against the ever-evolving labour market landscape By Kah Hock (Danny) Koh   When we discuss career pathways and labour market trends, is it appropriate for us to sum up the discussion using the phrase “change is the only constant”? Current realities seem to indicate that technology, healthcare careers and “green jobs” are the thriving industries where ... Read More »

New Mantra for Education: Career Readiness

By Phillip S. Jarvis   Student success is every educator’s highest priority, but the interpretation of success is ambiguous. With only 44% of students still fully engaged in high school, down from 76% in Grade 1 (Gallup) [1], and half of out-of-school 16-25 year-olds unemployed or in precarious, low-wage, no-benefits jobs [2], it’s clear that despite best intentions education is n... Read More »

Preparing Workers for the World of Freelancing

How career development professionals can support clients By Tammy Donovan   It is commonly accepted knowledge that the world of work is changing considerably. Full-time jobs are becoming less common and a growing number of workers are expected to make a living by freelancing, or combining part-time and project-based work. Statistics Canada data indicates that all jobs created in 2016 and a la... Read More »

The Episodic Career: How to Thrive at Work in the Age of Disruption

By Farai Chideya Atria Books, 2016 Book Review by Alyson Nyiri   No one gets a free ride in life or work writes Chideya. Whether you call it resilience, grit or optimism, in the world of jobs we must learn to evolve into a different form, tapping into what we have done, finding a new focus, and leveraging aspects of ourselves previously dormant. The Great Recession of 2007-2009 took the guts ... Read More »

Women in the Workforce and Maternity Leaves

When flexible work opportunities help redefine careers By Jennifer Hargreaves   I love to work. It is a fundamental part of my personality. To be challenged, to learn and to grow. One of the harder choices I have been faced with was the decision to give up that piece of my personality and stay home to raise my young children or to give up that time with them to pursue my own goals. I did not ... Read More »

Discover Year: An Important GAP for Canada’s Youth

Experiential learning, nurturing of self-awareness and skill development should frame every student’s planning for a gap year By Jay Gosselin Since 1973, Harvard College (yes, THAT Harvard) has been offering admitted students the opportunity to take a year “off” prior to engaging in their post-secondary education. The admissions office is so committed to this pathway that they suggest a gap year d... Read More »

Why Non-Linear is the Only Career Path Forward

The new and true reality of the millennial generation By Matthew Thomas Imagine, you’re 22-years-old. You’re native to the world of constant information, social media, fake news and precarious work. You’re staring down 1,000 job postings in a sea of what feels like none at all. The famed linear career ladders of your parents and grandparents just don’t appeal. But they still want you to find one. ... Read More »

Pursuing the Canadian Dream

How US immigration changes could drive international students North By Chantal Moore   Earlier this year, American President Donald Trump signed a revised travel ban blocking the issuance of visas to people from Libya, Syria, Iran, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, and suspending the refugee program. This ban could impact roughly 15,000 of the 1,000,000 international students in the US. [1] Given the... Read More »

What’s Next for Older Workers?

Counsellors and employers alike are facing unique challenges as work patterns becoming increasingly non-traditional By Adele Robertson   Baby boomers are generally defined as those people born between 1946 and 1964. Boomers have just about reinvented most life stages, succeeding in breaking down many social and cultural boundaries. They have challenged both the concepts and behaviours of yout... Read More »

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