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Spring-Summer 2014

Wobbly on Land, Able at Sea

The author’s struggle with disability led her to explore her introversion By Jennifer Holmes We live on Planet Earth, where creatures of all kinds thrive in a variety of environments. Some species adapt to different milieus often. Nearly 30% of the earth’s surface is visible. I liken this to the external world where extraverts feel most at home. Often, extraverts are like mountain climbers, explor... Read More »


  To have your event listed here, add it in the Learning section on ContactPoint. International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG) Conference JUNE 4-6, 2014 Québec, QC 2014 Skills Canada National Competition JUNE 4-7, 2014 Mississauga, ON Canadian Association for Supported Employment (CASE) Conference JUNE 17-19,... Read More »

Helping the Homeless

by Chris Hogg On my way to work, I drive by a homeless camp nestled in a small wooded area near the intersection of I-70 and West Broad Street here in Columbus, Ohio. In the winter, with barren trees, the coloured tents and tarps are easily seen. During the other three seasons, the place is invisible. Often I see the camp dwellers at their jobs, standing at the interstate exit ramps with their car... Read More »

10 Questions for Bryan Hiebert

In recognition of his lifetime of achievement in career development, Bryan Hiebert accepted the Etta St John Wileman Award at the Cannexus14 National Career Development Conference in Ottawa. Hiebert holds positions as Professor Emeritus of Education, University of Calgary; Adjunct Professor, Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, University of Victoria; and Adjunct Professor,... Read More »

Editor’s Note: When is a barrier not a barrier?

I don’t like the words “barriers to employment.” Maybe it’s just me succumbing to the legendary Canadian political correctness, but the term “barrier” just sounds so negative for a concept that touches a majority of people. You live in a disadvantaged neighbourhood? It’s a barrier to employment. Immigrant? That’s a barrier too. Mental health issues? Criminal record? Too young? Too old? In the end,... Read More »

Canadian Business Divided on Best Way to Tackle Skills Gap

Survey finds 71% of employers agree they have a responsibility to provide career management programs but only 29% offer them A shortage of skilled workers is the single biggest issue facing Canadian executives in 2014 but employers are split on how to address the skills gap, according to a survey released by the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC). Environics Research... Read More »

Book Review: Straight Talk on Leadership

Straight Talk on Leadership Solving Canada’s Business Crisis Book by R. Douglas Williamson Review by Yvonne Rodney From page one of this book, it’s clear that Douglas Williamson is very mad. Like a passionately caring parent who sees the things he worked hard to establish not being leveraged by the next generation, he feels the same about leadership or lack thereof in Canada. The long and short of... Read More »

Overcoming Barriers for Criminalized Clients

Ex-offenders face an array of prejudices when trying to reintegrate society – including from the people trying to help them By Ritchy Dubé I am a nationally published author (whoop-de-do), registered addiction therapist, founder and executive director of a charitable organization for the prevention of drug abuse, and founder and president of a personnel agency that placed ex-convicts. In my peak, ... Read More »

Career Briefs

  The Great Canadian Skills Mismatch A number of important demographic shifts happened since Rick Miner published the first report in the People Without Jobs, Jobs Without People series in 2010. The Great Canadian Skills Mismatch is intended to add new perspective to the ongoing debate about the existence of skills shortages and/or mismatches in Canada. Miner concludes that by 2031 skills sho... Read More »

Busting the Myths About People with Disabilities

Major obstacles to employment still persist for persons with disabilities – here’s some practical advice for removing them By Kayla Altman The idea of discussing barriers to employment for persons with disabilities is a daunting one, involving obstacles that are embedded throughout our cultural, financial, social, physical and institutional structures. I am going to address those obstacles that I ... Read More »

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