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January 2013

Career Briefs

Discover the new ContactPoint and OrientAction! In 1997 the website was launched as an innovative virtual community dedicated to the needs of career development professionals. ContactPoint has been around ever since, offering free access to job listings, learning opportunities and support. Now, ContactPoint is relaunching – harnessing the power of social media to build community, d... Read More »

Hot Sites: Remote and Self-Employment

Contract World A unique website at the centre of the expanding world of contract work for home-based customer service agents. Elance You create a profile and businesses invite you to submit proposals for jobs. Has a focus on contract positions in programming, marketing and administration. Remote Worker Daily Offers free resources, advice and daily motivation for “Maki... Read More »

Calendar of Events

To have your event listed in this section, you must first add it to the Event listings on   Cannexus13 JANUARY 28-30, 2013 Ottawa, ON, CANADA   Theories and Models: Human Development & Life Skills Coaching FEBRUARY 6-19, 2013 Life Strategies online course   Career Practitioner Institute FEBRUARY 7-9, 2013 San Diego, CA, USA nc... Read More »

Editor’s Letter

  You are looking at the very first issue of Careering magazine – a resource by and for career development professionals in Canada! The magazine will provide reflection and analysis of the latest career counselling and development practices and theories. It is part of CERIC’s mandate to advance knowledge in the field, champion multi-sectoral communication and facilitate conversations about th... Read More »

BOOK REVIEW: Emotional Fitness Coaching

Warren Redman, Emotional Fitness Coaching: How to Develop a Positive and Productive Workplace for Leaders, Managers, and Coaches (Kogan Page Limited, 2012) by Julia Lebedeva In this era of massive information, the latest technologies are transforming the way people work and live. Emotional fitness coaching, as set down in Warren Redman’s book, is a piece of new technology that enables leader... Read More »

The Challenge of Getting References

  by Donald Smith Career coaches have repeatedly seen clients fail to follow up on references from their former employer. This happens even though the client has invested years in making a sincere and useful contribution to their employer’s success, and this reference problem can frequently be prevented. The main reasons for a reference problem are lack of a plan, lack of guidance and lack of... Read More »

Career Development in America: Two Perspectives

  Buried by Career Anachronisms? by Sheryl Spanier, MS/CMF Have you ever, in the process of doing a mundane task, gotten a sudden blast of insight? The other day I decided to clean out the drawer in my night table. It had become a catch all for anything I thought I might need in the middle of the night, anything I didn’t know what to do with, and a repository for anything I needed to tidy up ... Read More »

Moving Beyond Borders

  by Tami Anderson The experience of being human entails being connected and interconnected to a whole. The workplace is exactly the same. We are in touch directly and indirectly to the entire world. What we do in our daily lives affects the people we can see and those we do not. The products and services provided by a company links to companies around the world, through consumers, suppliers,... Read More »

THEORY CORNER: Pasture-izing One’s Career Path

  by Marc Verhoeve In an earlier article I wrote, A Look at Donald Super’s Stages of Career Development in the 21st Century (available on, I ended with a discussion about Super’s redefinition of the Decline Stage. As I have just reached the “65 Level”, I thought that I would discuss this stage… as a member of the first wave of Baby Boomers edging into retirement. In my ... Read More »

Coaching Trailing Spouses – Helping Hannah reach for the stars!

  by Nicole Miller When Hannah Leroy found out last November that her spouse, a retail manager, was going to be promoted to vice-president, her enthusiasm was stifled by the news that this move up the corporate ladder would entail relocating across the country. As a paramedic, she had spent the last 12 years moving up the seniority list of the local county services, only to have to face the p... Read More »

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