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Fall 2017

Female Entrepreneurs: Fear of Failure and the Restorative Role of Resilience

Helping female entrepreneurs requires an understanding of their unique experiences By Lori Padley-Lee   Women in Canada are choosing self-employment in record numbers. In 2015 there were over one million self-employed women in Canada, and at last count these women had contributed nearly $150 billion dollars to our economy. Yet while the number of women entrepreneurs is growing at twice the ra... Read More »

Obvious and Unexpected: The Benefits of Volunteering for Youth

Research shows that volunteering helps improve employability and acts as a route to employment – among other positive outcomes By Melanie Hientz   Weeding an organic farm in Costa Rica with a machete. Fertilizing the soil with cow dung. Eating dinner on a mountaintop with strangers from around the world. All things I never thought I’d experience – and all of which took place on a single volun... Read More »

Editor’s Note

By Lucie Morillon Generation Next is growing up in an increasingly automated world in which traditional concepts of work and career are being upended. It’s an uncertain place – with both risks and opportunities – where job churn and the gig economy are becoming the new normal. So just how do young people prepare for their future? And how can career development professionals help them avoid career ... Read More »

10 Questions for Louisa Jewell

Louisa Jewell is a speaker, author, and well-being expert who has inspired thousands of people from around the world to flourish with confidence. Jewell is the founder of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association and a graduate of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program at University of Pennsylvania. She is the author of the new book, Wire Your Brain for Confidence: The Science of Con... Read More »

How Can We Understand the Pitfalls of Youth Underemployment in Canada?

A sociologist argues that if we define this as social problem rather than an individual issue, it may be time for career practitioners to advocate for the preservation of the career itself By Karen Foster In work, wrote the late journalist Studs Terkel, we search “for daily meaning as well as daily bread, for recognition as well as cash, for astonishment rather than torpor; in short, for a sort of... Read More »

Career Briefs

Career development for young children It is widely recognized that the roots of career development begin early in a young person’s life but, in practice, career development in childhood is often downplayed. The Early Years: Career Development for Young Children Guides – one for Parents and one for Educators – are the result of new Memorial University research examining the influence that teachers ... Read More »

Hot Links: Generation Next: Pitfalls, Promise and Potential

Education and Employability: Can We Close the Gap? Released in August 2017, the CIBC report provides recommendation regarding how post-secondary institutions could improve in helping graduates getting the right set of skills to succeed in the labour market.   A Spotlight on Youth: How Does Canada Compare? The number of young people who are not in employment, education or ... Read More »

Fostering Adolescent and Young Adult Engagement with the Help of Technology

From texting to YouTube, new tools allow counsellors to reach clients in their own comfort zone By Steve St-Pierre Client motivation and engagement are fundamental to the success of a counselling process. However, career and employment counsellors often have to deal with signs of demotivation and disengagement, such as absenteeism, lateness and exercises not completed. While all client types are s... Read More »

Hope-Based Interventions with Unemployed Clients

Face-to-face and online exercises allow jobseekers to maintain a sense of hope at a time when it is very easy to succumb to negative emotions   By Norman Amundson, Tannis Goddard, Spencer Niles and Hyung Joon Yoon There is considerable literature describing the negative impact of unemployment. The research highlights how being unemployed impacts relationships, one’s sense of identity, life pu... Read More »

The Future of the Employment Support System

A job matching system is just a Band-Aid. We need to move to an integrated workforce development model that supports youth facing multiple barriers By Fabio Crespin   I believe the solution comprises two main pillars: acknowledging specific barriers and targeting them accordingly (moving away from generic approaches), and investing heavily in meaningful and lasting interventions (moving away ... Read More »

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