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Fall 2013

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  My Career Info is a new initiative from the Council of Ontario Universities that provides career planning guidance to students, new grads and entry-level jobseekers. The Potentiality presents articles about the competencies at the basis of personal and professional success. The Career Professionals of Canada blog publishes articles that speak to the work ... Read More »

Off the Diving Board: Making the Transition to Work

  What are the variables that influence the transition from higher education to meaningful career? How can career development professionals help? Susan Forseille shares the results of research she undertook during her MEd studies.   A student about to graduate from Thompson Rivers University (TRU) told me that education “is a diving board: through our coursework, we slowly make our way t... Read More »

Career Briefs

  Vote in the National Challenge! In celebration of the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling’s (CERIC) 10th anniversary in 2014, The Counselling Foundation of Canada has provided a grant to facilitate an online competition to increase the recognition of the value of career counselling as well as career development professionals in Canada. A panel of judges consisting of p... Read More »

The Mother of All Career Transitions

Experiencing a maternity leave transition is a common experience for many women; it is a critical turning point for the family and the individual. How is it, then, that we let so many expectant mothers be unprepared for the impact of maternity leave on their career? Career counsellors can play a significant role in creating education and awareness around these issues for both women and organizatio... Read More »

Take Your Client’s Resume to the Next Level

  A resume expert shares choice strategies to create resumes that will get your client the interview by Sharon Graham If you are looking for advanced strategies to take your client’s resume to the next level, you are not alone. According to a 2011 CERIC survey of over 1,000 career service professionals, many practitioners seek additional professional development in the area of strategic resum... Read More »

Calendar – Calendrier

  To have your event listed in this section, add it to the Event listing on NCDA Regional Career Practitioner Institute: Practical Techniques and Strategies for Career Development Service Providers OCTOBER 17-18, 2013 Denver, CO, UNITED STATES 2013 Ability Axis Employment Expo OCTOBER 23, 2013 Winnipeg, MB, CANADA abili... Read More »

Now What Am I? When It’s Game Over for Athletes

There are many, many more young adults dreaming of a life as a professional athlete than there are spots available, and those who do make it may be in for a short career. How can you help these athletes succeed in their post-game journey? by Stephen Coseni Imagine a client coming into your office, 26 years old, with a high school diploma and never held a job. He would like help finding a career. “... Read More »

Editor’s Note

  by Catherine Ducharme I have a confession for you. Barely two years ago, I didn’t care much about the career development field. I studied political science with the dream of working abroad for the Foreign Affairs department – and I dreamed this at the worst time ever: I obtained my bachelor’s degree just as a worldwide recession kicked in, and I obtained my master’s just as the federal gove... Read More »

Work Tree: Book Review

  by Anne-Marie Rolfe This lively, colourful book encourages the reader to think outside the box when it comes to creating work inside the reality of our new economy. The author makes the case early on that our economy has changed and relying on the traditional job search is simply no longer a viable option for many long-term jobseekers. While the book is targeted to those who may have given ... Read More »

Change Isn’t Easy for Career Practitioners Either

  We make a living by helping clients transitioning into new careers. But what about our own ability to adapt? The new Employment Service Model in Ontario has challenged us to “walk the talk.” by Heather Powell Career practitioners spend the majority of their time guiding clients through the transitions and challenges that come with unemployment: the emotional ups-and-downs that hit the ego w... Read More »

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