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Have you ever wondered why your clients don’t accomplish their goals?

You’ve sat with your client, set some goals and then nothing. It almost seems that the client hasn’t even attempted the goal. It may come to down to just being lazy but the research in some cases suggests otherwise. The reality is that we are all goal oriented. Many things that we do in our daily lives centers around accomplishing something. From losing weight to getting to work on tim... Read More »

Generation Jobless…but is it hopeless?

I watched the CBC documentary “Generation Jobless” (aired January 31), with a mixture of emotions, including frustration, concern and empathy. The show, which examined the myriad challenges facing today’s university graduates as they navigate the job market, had me nodding my head in recognition. I too have found that my education has done little to prepare me for the realities of today’s job mark... Read More »

How do we improve job retention?

Not an easy question to answer. Often, we take a job because we need to. Let’s face it there is an economic reality we have to deal with. For those job seekers that have been unemployed for a period of time, this reality becomes even more apparent and the need to maintain a roof and feed themselves becomes paramount. As a result, any job that is offered, is taken – not because it’... Read More »

Ontario’s career development practitioners moving closer to certification

The Stewardship Group is a team of volunteers elected in 2011 and charged with developing a certification model to advance the career development profession in Ontario. The mission of the group is to draft a proposed Ontario-based certification process for career development practitioners, communicate the proposed model, solicit feedback and ultimately obtain grassroots approval. This mandate also... Read More »

Tell your clients to stop applying to jobs!

Well, I wouldn’t say stop, but get them to delay the application process. With the latest technology, job seekers have become trigger happy, that is, they apply to everything that has an apply button. While at first this may seem like a good idea, the impact can be extremely negative. Too often a job seeker sits in front of the computer and applies to everything they come across. Before they... Read More »

Researchers, role models and colleagues, oh my!

Fresh from the energizing experience of Cannexus13 (National Career Development Conference) in Ottawa, Ontario, I wanted to reflect and share on what I’m taking away from the experience. Since my M.Ed studies are being done on-line, I have had many an opportunity to connect with very interesting Professors from across Canada.  At Cannexus I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet Dr. Frans M... Read More »

The biggest challenge facing our country

  Recently, the world has been paying more attention to the impact of skills on the labour market. Employers and governments are complaining of a skills shortage or mismatch, and our Prime Minister has said that it the biggest challenge facing the country. Others argue that this has less to do with a shortage of skills and more to do with a reluctance of employers to pay fair and competitive ... Read More »

Want your clients to get a job? Make sure they’re strategic

  The reality for some job seekers today can be quite depressing. Irrelevant or a lack of education and training, no relevant work experience or being presently unemployed are all factors diminishing a job seekers chance of job search success. Why would an employer hire someone who is unemployed? The supply of workers today is plentiful so why should they risk hiring someone who’s been out of... Read More »

My own career transition journey

  Hello, and let me start by saying how excited I am to be joining ContactPoint as a new blogger. I look forward to the opportunity to challenge myself and to share my thoughts with my peers in the career development community. My entry to this field has been a difficult one, but I have never lost sight of the reasons I decided to switch to career development from my previous experiences as a... Read More »

The Career Practitioner’s Career

  As career practitioners or career/employment counsellors we often try to inspire clients to identify opportunities where they can be happy, successful, and engaged in their work. Many of us probably have inspirational messages in our offices, or classrooms, for clients to read. These might include: It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career. ~Carlton ... Read More »

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