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Keeping our Skills Sharp

We all know the old saying “Use it or lose it,” but usually it’s applied to the idea of exercising our bodies or our minds. Well, I think the same thing goes for exercising our skills as career professionals. While this is relatively easy to do when we work in the field, it can be a real challenge for people like myself; since I am currently employed outside of the career development field, I fear... Read More »

5 Reasons to Learn More About Self-Employment

By Miranda Vande Kuyt and Deirdre Pickerell Most Career Development Practitioners (CDPs) know that the percentage of both the unemployed and self-employed rises during a recession.  It seems that when people are unable to find work, self-employment is viewed as a viable alternative.  Consequently, it would make sense that CDPs supporting unemployed Canadians would also consider self-employment as ... Read More »

What do hiring cycles have to do with finding a job?

How long does it take, on average, to find a job? There are several variables influencing the time it takes to find a job that could make answering that question very difficult. For example, there’s the motivation of the job seeker, the availability of job openings and the decision-making process of the potential employer. So how can we look at this question differently? One way of approaching an ... Read More »

Reflections on Online Skills Development

For the last couple of months, I have been busy at work getting Douglas College’s Essential Skills Practitioner Training Program online using the Blackboard Learn platform. This experience has caused me to reflect on a number of issues surrounding online learning and the increasing attention being given to online skill development. In the rush and excitement to put things online, how does an instr... Read More »

Career Guidance for Career Professionals

As career development professionals, we are adept at spotting areas for improvement in our clients’ resumes, and we can pinpoint ways in which they might better achieve their employment and career management goals. Objectivity is our ally when we seek to give someone else advice. But what if it is our own career that needs guidance, or our own resume that requires revising? As someone relatively n... Read More »

Giving the Job Seeker Control in the Job Search Process: The Interview Agenda

WHAT EXACTLY IS AN INTERVIEW AGENDA? The idea of an interview agenda is easily illustrated with an example. A job seeker has recently been offered an interview one morning the following week. They begin preparing for the interview by doing some basic research on the company. Where is the company located? How long will it take to get there? They then begin to formulate questions to ask the intervie... Read More »

Keep the social in your social résumé

I recently came across the term “social résumé” for the first time. It was used in the context of job seekers creating a professional and impactful online image, beyond just posting a LinkedIn profile, to gain greater visibility with potential employers. The idea is that job seekers now need to establish a professional and evolving online image through a variety of means such as starting a résumé ... Read More »

“Did you try the help file?”

It was a chilly February day several years ago now, when Dave, my assistant at the time, responded to my endless queries about how to use Excel with that question.  I admit that when the question reached me, I was a bit taken back.  ‘What?’ popped up my internal dialogue monitor.  ‘This is not the usual response to my endless tirade of questions on how to use Excel.’  I internally quipped as I sta... Read More »

How can clients value your services when they’re FREE?

I originally posted this for a group on LinkedIn and thought I would see what you all think. For those of you who are working in a non-profit and do not charge your clients you maybe in trouble. After all, there is no value in FREE! When something is free we typically tend not to commit as much as if we were paying for it. What’s the worse that could happen to a client, nothing really –... Read More »

Have you ever wondered why your clients don’t accomplish their goals?

You’ve sat with your client, set some goals and then nothing. It almost seems that the client hasn’t even attempted the goal. It may come to down to just being lazy but the research in some cases suggests otherwise. The reality is that we are all goal oriented. Many things that we do in our daily lives centers around accomplishing something. From losing weight to getting to work on tim... Read More »

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