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‘Mike, man, this store is for you. You gotta get down here!’

“I wore suits to school. People thought I was a little strange,” Mike Peters told Career Buzz listeners (May 1, 2013). He’s Harry Rosen’s Managing Director for Western Canada. As a teenager, Mike spent weekends combing the vintage stores of Winnipeg. He wondered how he could cultivate this natural interest into a full time gig. When I was interviewing Mike I was curious about how it all got starte... Read More »

Your network is like a savings account; if you don’t make deposits it can end up at zero

Most of us have had a savings account in our lifetime. Utilization is pretty simple: you put money in so you can save it for tomorrow. If you continue to take money out and fail to replenish it, eventually it will end up at a zero balance. This simple concept holds true for social capital as well. The more you take from your network and the less you give back, the greater possibility that your con... Read More »

Taking Care of Business & Our Mental Health

Mental health issues affect all Canadian workplaces, and the cost of doing nothing – both in personal and economic terms – is substantial. An astronomical 500,000 people are absent from work each day for mental health reasons, according to a 2003 Insurance Journal study cited in the Government of Canada’s 2006 report, The Human Face of Mental Health and Mental Illness in Canada. As well, one in th... Read More »

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

As a relative newcomer to the field of career development, I am usually looking for ways to enhance my presence in the field, and make myself known to employers and colleagues alike. With this goal in mind, I recently attended the Canadian Career Information Association’s professional development day. As I am a rather shy person, I had some definite reservations about attending an event where I li... Read More »

The Sequel – How to Change Your Career Without Starting Over! Book Review by Scharlene Redway

  Book Review The Sequel – How to Change Your Career Without Starting Over! ISBN: 978-1-59357-865-7 Publisher: Jist Works America’s Career Publisher About the Author: Dr. Laurence Shatkin is a leading career expert who identifies seven routes you can take to redefine your career, leveraging the skills, knowledge and education you already possess. He helps to point you in the direc... Read More »

Contract World: A Legitimate Opportunity to Work from Home in Canada

About Contract World Contract World, formerly ContractXchange is a virtual call centre that began here in Canada. They currently recruit, train and provide home based customer service agents for an incredible array of companies. I had the good fortune to speak with Chantal Levac of Assurant Solutions who regularly uses Contract World to provide customer service agents. What kind of work is it? Wit... Read More »

You’re networking and you don’t even know it!

What is networking and how do we define it? The most typical definition is the sharing of information and resources between different people. There are two main forms of networking: formal, like online social networking websites or professional networking associations, and informal, like bumping in to someone at the grocery store or meeting a contact for coffee. The term networking is thrown aroun... Read More » Legitimate Opportunity to Work from Home in Canada

About I had the opportunity to connect with Angelina Conic, Community Management, with  We discussed the work done by the independent contractors known as clickworkers. Tell me a little bit about Clickworker was founded in 2005 and is located in Essen, Germany and adopted the idea of crowdsourcing.  “Crowdsourcing – based on crowd and outsourc... Read More »

Advanis: Legitimate Opportunity to Work from Home in Canada

About Advanis Advanis is a market research firm that was founded in 1997.  They currently have offices across Canada including Edmonton (head office), Waterloo, Toronto and Montreal. What kind of work is it? This is telephone based work that is done from home. As a Telephone Research Interviewer your time is spent conducting market research interviews over the phone. What are their requirements? I... Read More »

Has Social Media made us lazy?

I dusted a post I wrote a couple of years ago as I thought it worthy to reopen this issue. Have sites like Facebook and LinkedIn made us impatient? Is developing relationships in 140 characters or less even possible? It seems the ongoing increase in popularity of online social media websites has changed our expectations about how we should communicate. However, while the result may indeed be an un... Read More »

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