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CERIC | 04/04/2017

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YES Montreal turns to gaming to develop job search tool geared to youth

Annalise Iten, a job search program director at YES Montreal explains that what makes the Jobprepper tool unique is how it engages youth on their own turf, making the job search process more relevant.

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Mothers In The Workforce Are Key To Future Economic Stability

In Canada, women's involvement in the labour force has stalled at 82 per cent compared to 91 per cent for men. And this is a problem not only for women's financial stability and self-actualization, but also has a much broader economic impact.

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Careers modules and work placements should be compulsory

In a study of almost 1,000 students, the University of Dundee compared the graduate destinations of students who had taken a module on career planning against those who had not, finding that those who took the classes were far more likely to gain a professional job within six months of graduation.

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What is the value of the Canadian PhD to universities in Canada?

Although there has been much talk about the need to reform graduate education, graduate education across North America is still focused on creating future scholars who will work as professors in universities. When surveyed, almost 90 percent of humanities PhD students in Ontario said their first career choice was to be a professor.

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CERIC signs the Philanthropic Community's Declaration of Action towards reconciliation

Adding its voice to the call for stronger, positive relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, CERIC has joined a group of Canada’s leading philanthropic organizations in signing a Declaration of Action committing to ensuring that positive action on reconciliation will continue.

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Job program for immigrants aims to fill labour gaps outside GTA

Rural Employment Initiative is the brainchild of the Newcomer Centre of Peel and the Ontario Association of Community Futures Development Corporation, a federally-funded group representing 61 rural communities. The employment initiative itself is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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Understanding and Supporting the Needs of International Students

Many post-secondary campuses across Canada have seen a rapid increase in the number of international students in recent years, and this has led to the development of many targeted support services and programming for these students. It is important that career practitioners are aware of the challenges encountered by international students due to differing cultural values regarding career development and collective cultural orientation.

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Balancing Between Dreams and Reality: Practical Suggestions Originating from Motivational Interviewing

“Dreams versus Reality” dilemma can be encountered by many counselors whose work it is to accompany those who need to make an initial career choice or to change their career path, for example due to health or migration issues.

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Preparing the workforce for technological change

What history teaches us is that technology will alter the kinds of jobs available and the skills they require, and that this transition is often tumultuous for many workers. To prepare our workforce to adjust, Canada should take inspiration from the past and test new models of education and training to ensure that our youth are equipped with the skills needed to thrive in their new economic reality.

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Career Development Success: Themes Among the Experiences of Young People Formerly in Care

A thematic review of the limited body of research addressing positive career development experiences among young people formerly in care yielded several important themes related to these young peoples’ care experiences.

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Ageism in hiring: Is it real and how to overcome it

More seasoned development professionals may sometimes feel that once they reach their 50s and beyond, the opportunities dry up and they receive fewer call backs for jobs. Global development is not immune to these issues that impact hiring decisions in other sectors, such as ageism, but it is a cross-cutting issues with a number of factors at play.

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New employment help for spouses of Canadian Armed Forces members

METSpouse is designed to address underemployment among spouses of active, reserve and retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces by leveraging opportunities through the Canada Company’s existing Military Employment Transition Program, which helps members of the Canadian Armed Forces transition into civilian careers.

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Career Exploration and Assessment Tools

This section lists tools that can be used to determine clients’ personality type, career interests and other types of career-related assessments, as well as various career exploration tools, either general or field-specific. If you know of a good tool, please add it to our list! Create your free ContactPoint account and click the Add a Listing button, or email with the details.

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[Free Webinar] Small Businesses: Who They Hire and How to Engage Them (CERIC) / April 13, 2017 / Presented by Lisa Taylor

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[Call for Presenters] NBCDA Conference 2017 / April 15, 2017 / Fredericton, NB

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[Free Webinar] Canadian Millennials Social Values Study Webinar Series (The Counselling Foundation of Canada) / April 19-21, 2017 / Presented by The Environics Institute

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Program Assistant (March of Dimes) / Toronto, ON

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Director - Employee Relations (Vancouver Island University) / Nanaimo, BC

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Business Counsellor (Immigrant Settlement Association of Nova Scotia) / Halifax, NS

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[Literature Search] Impact of Career Development (CERIC, updated on March 2017)

Topics covered include: graduate employability, career interventions, self-efficacy, economic value of guidance, impact of career development on organizations and more.

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[Report] Digital Talent: Road to 2020 and Beyond (Information and Communications Technology Council)

An in-depth strategy with practical recommendations that will build Canada’s digital talent base, for today and the future, in an increasingly global and digital landscape.

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[Assessment Tool] How Mindful Are You? (Harvard Business Review)

In our information-saturated workplaces, Mindfulness as a mental skill is becoming as important as emotional intelligence and technical skills.

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