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CERIC | 03/28/17

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Ontario launches plan to teach high school kids financial skills

Ontario is rolling out pilot projects at 28 high schools aimed at revamping the Grade 10 careers course and laying the groundwork for financial literacy to become part of the curriculum. While financial skills are a centrepiece, students will also learn entrepreneurship and digital literacy in addition to career and life planning.

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Canadian Millennials Social Values Study: Webinar Series

The Environics Institute in partnership with The Counselling Foundation of Canada, is offering a FREE three-part webinar series to explore the findings of its Canadian Millennials Social Values Study. The results reveal a bold portrait of Canada’s Millennials including their views on the following topics: Life Goals & Markers of Adulthood, Career Aspirations & Work, and Political & Civic Engagement. Register now!

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[Sponsored Content] Online Counselling Training Level 1

This 12 week online course is for practitioners who want to offer professional, ethical text-based online counselling to their clients. You will learn both asynchronous and synchronous approaches. Participants in the course will improve their online counselling skills and professionalism. Certificates are issued upon completion of the course.

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Seven things to know about Canada’s new parental leave benefits

Ottawa plans to change the way parents may stay home with their babies – arguably the most significant family policy announced in this week’s budget. Keeping a 2015 campaign promise, the Liberal government is making parental leave more flexible so that mothers and fathers can choose to take more time while still getting government benefits.

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Call for Presenters for Cannexus18 is now open

Presenting at Cannexus, Canada’s largest bilingual National Career Development Conference, provides an unmatched opportunity to exchange information and explore innovative approaches in the areas of career counselling and career development. Submit a brief outline for consideration using the Proposal Form, Deadline is June 9, 2017.

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Mental health workers struggle with stigma about their own issues

Many people working in the sector are reluctant to talk about their own experiences, says Elizabeth Cotton, an academic at Middlesex University researching the topic. She was one of them. “I walked a thin line between being a competent professional and feeling like a fraud at managing my own mental health at work.”

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The Importance of International Students in the K to 12 Education Sector in Canada

International students in our K to 12 schools support learning opportunities and the development of global and intercultural competencies. This presents tremendous opportunities for our local students to have international experiences in their own communities.

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Budget Creates Flexibility and Opportunity for Canadians seeking New Skills, Education and Jobs

The 2017 Federal Budget by Minister Morneau took important steps to invest in labour force participation for underrepresented groups, especially youth, women, indigenous populations and veterans. While the government did not commit to a national school-to-work transition strategy, many of the measures in this budget will make career transitions easier, by allowing more people to access retraining and upskilling programs without losing other benefits.

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Career Paths Retain Talent

If you’re a small- or medium-sized business owner or manager, ensuring every employee has a well-defined career path may seem like an insurmountable challenge given the many other hats you must wear. But helping your employees manage their career paths can help you retain employees, saving you the “ferocious” cost associated with employee turnover, says Lisa Taylor, author of a new book entitled, Retain and Gain: Career Management for Small Business.

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Supporting Entrepreneurship as a Career

Canada needs to recognize that youth entrepreneurship is about more than just starting a business. It’s also about fostering an entrepreneurial environment, a problem-solving mindset and an attitude of courage. To support youth entrepreneurship, the federal government must foster it in elementary and high schools and make it less risky for youth.

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Dispelling the Engineering Student Myth: What Career Educators Need to Know

Instead of assuming that a computer science student wants to be a software engineer, or that a mechanical engineering student wants to work in aerospace, I maintain an open mind that they may not have a clue where they see themselves; they may be interested in a non-traditional track or they may want to do something altogether non-technical.

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Applying the I-search approach to Student Directed Career Exploration

An I-search paper is a less formal method of researching a topic that many teachers utilize to facilitate learning in the classroom (Macrorie 1988). Using the “I-search” method, rather than the traditional research approach, allows students to pick their topic of interest and address their audience in a personal format. In the process, students employ many skills, incorporate state standards of learning, and master course content.

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Webinar Recordings

This section features a collection of webinar recordings relevant to career practitioners. Do you have a webinar recording to share with the career development community? Please add it to our list! Create your free ContactPoint account and click the Add a Listing button or email contactpoint@ceric.ca with the details.

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[Webinar] Webinar Series: Career Launch Reboot: New Approaches & Tech-Savvy Tools to Help Millennials Avoid the Underemployment Trap (CERIC-BCCDA) / April 11,18, 25, 2017 / Presented by Jennifer Fraser

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[Conference] ATD 2017 International Conference & Exposition / May 21-24, 2017 / Atlanta, GA

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[Call for Proposals] World Conference on Online Learning / June 30, 2017 / Toronto, ON

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Employment Counsellor (YMCA) / Hamilton, ON

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Program Manager (WCG Services) / Courtenay, BC

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Bilingual Program Coordinator (Morneau Shepell) / Montreal, QC

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[Literature Search] Aboriginal Issues in Career Development (CERIC, updated March 2017)

Topics covered include: demographics issues, isolated communities, access to higher education, aboriginal workforce development, indigenous entrepreneurship and more.

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[Report] Future Shock? The Impact of Automation on Canada’s Labour Market (C.D. Howe Institute)

Throughout history, technological change has helped lift people out of squalor and poverty, raised standards of living and improved well-being. Technological change, however, can also be disruptive – rendering specific occupations and skills obsolete, unsettling economic structures and contributing to unemployment and economic uncertainty.

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[Toolkit] Workflex Employee Toolkit (Families and Work Institute)

Workflex Employee Toolkit will help you evaluate your own desire for workflex and offer guidance on how to talk to your supervisor or human resource professional in order to make your arrangement successful.

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