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CERIC | 01/31/17

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Why more Canadians are ditching retirement for new careers

It used to be when people in their 50's and 60's were in the workforce, they were dreaming of the day they could retire - a life pursuing interests and hobbies. That was then. Now, a new study by a York University professor says increasingly more and more older working Canadians see an opportunity to begin a new chapter in their lives — seeking a second, and even third career, and redefining retirement.

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New Career Management for Small Business Playbook helps to retain and develop talent

Career management not only brings employee satisfaction and loyalty, it also drives better customer service, improvement in business operations and an increase in opportunity for growth. "During our research we found that owners and managers believe they have the knowledge and skills to be better career advisors. What they needed was the gift of time and proven tools that fit into their everyday schedule," said Lisa Taylor, the Playbook author, who is a workforce expert and a small business owner herself as president of Challenge Factory.

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LinkedIn Changes Coming – Help Clients Stay Ahead of the Curve

To be successful on LinkedIn, it is essential that our clients are visible and that their brand is clearly understood with a strong headline, customized LinkedIn URL and an engaging summary. I believe that if our clients actively practice the 3 “R’s” persistently and consistently to optimize this tool, they will generate the 4th “R”, Results.

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New Webinar Series - Career Launch Reboot: New Approaches & Tech-Savvy Tools to Help Millennials Avoid the Underemployment Trap

While career practitioners are accustomed to coping with and adapting to a “rapidly evolving workplace,” they may be less used to working with “rapidly evolving jobseekers” who are now entering the workforce in droves. Presented by Jennifer Fraser, this 3-part webinar series will provide strategies, techniques and tools to work with Millennials as they transition from school, at all different levels, into the workforce.

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MLSE LaunchPad is an unprecedented venture aiming to help Toronto’s at-risk youth

LaunchPad’s playing courts – branded with the Raptors, Maple Leafs and Toronto FC logos of MLSE’s teams – will start bustling with youth in mid-February. The programs, which are aimed at youth ages six to 29 living in community housing or facing other social barriers, will also integrate life skills, such as meals and nutrition, preparing for job interviews or training in technology.

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Why It's A Great Idea To Change Careers When You Are 40

When I reached my mid-50s I decided to make a radical career change. I’d spent 25 years in industry in a series of increasingly senior HR roles with high profile companies and I had no real reason to abandon a career that was developing very well. No real reason, that is, except one, crucial one. I wanted something different.

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One credential, one career? Think again.

Every day, more students are hearing about how they will likely have many careers that span multiple sectors. Those who enter college or university expecting to train for a specific career, and then be in that career for the rest of their working lives, are part of a shrinking minority.

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How student attitudes towards the value of education can be shaped by careers education

The study offers fresh insight into the complex relationship between education and employment and how young people’s attitudes about education and its value can potentially be influenced by schools and colleges by exposing students to new experiences.

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First-Generation Students and Job Success

First-generation students would benefit from additional support in the job search. They do not have the ability to tap family members for assistance, and their greater reliance on online career services appears to be hampering their advancement. Outreach programs targeting first-generation students to make use of the on-campus career center and its resources could make a positive difference, while reconfiguring online resources to address first-generation concerns may also help.

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Instead of Leaving a Job, Why Not Take a Pause?

In today’s always-on and connected world, it is too easy to get caught in the spin cycle of never-ending to-dos. Whether it is for a few minutes or a year, pausing is one way we can take a step back before moving forward again.

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Career Blogs

In addition to ContactPoint's Blogger Central, the Internet is teeming with excellent blogs of interest to career professionals. This section brings you a collection of these blogs. Is there one missing? Go ahead and add it to the list! Create your free ContactPoint account and click the Add a Listing button, or email with the details.


[Online Course] Reconciliation through Indigenous Education (MOOC;The University of British Columbia) / January 24 – March 7, 2017

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[Conference] 2017 HRPA Annual Conference and Trade Show (HRPA) / February 1-3, 2017

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[Webinar] Alternative Career Solutions for Skilled Immigrants (The Conference Board of Canada) / February 2, 2017

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Job Coach/ Facilitator (WCG Services) / Calgary, AB

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Transition Facilitator/Facilitateur ou Facilitatrice de Transition (New Brunswick Association for Community Living) / Moncton, NB

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Career Consultant (University of Windsor) / Windsor, ON

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[Literature Search] Vocational Education & Training in Canada

Topics covered include: Non-university pathways; Education reforms; Public policy on education and training; International perspectives on vocational training; The role of private colleges; Skills training for the workplace; and more.

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[Report] Benefits and Leaves for Parents (Maytree)

The federal government’s consultation on maternity and parental leaves and benefits is an opportunity for us to have a conversation about how well we support families to have childcare choices and stay connected to the labour market.

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[Toolkit] Onboarding Refugees: A Toolkit for BC Employers (Immigrant Employment Council of BC)

The Employment Council of British Columbia has produced Onboarding Refugees: A Toolkit for BC Employers to assist them to more effectively recruit, hire, onboard and retain a diverse workforce that includes refugees.

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