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CERIC | 02/28/17

By putting together some of the most interesting articles on career counselling and career development each week, CareerWise aims to keep you current, enrich your work - and save you time.

LinkedIn uncovers the most promising jobs in Canada for 2017

Make informed choices when it comes to your career – LinkedIn has pulled data on the most promising jobs of 2017 for those looking to start something new. While this list is mostly made up of jobs in finance, technology, marketing and healthcare, it's just a snapshot of the possibilities which await you – There are millions of open jobs across a variety of industries to explore.

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CERIC’s Graduate Student Engagement Program

The deadline for application to CERIC’s Graduate Student Engagement Program, GSEP is March 31, 2017. All full-time graduate students whose academic focus is career development or a related topic are eligible to apply. With the submission of a one-page article by the deadline on a career development topic, students become eligible for the GSEP Award, which includes free registration to Cannexus18 and $1,000 toward expenses.

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Career Professional Paths: Career Coach, Career Counsellor or Career Consultant

The majority of career professionals enter into the profession with a passion for helping jobseekers to navigate the job market and secure suitable employment. However, it can be confusing for the practitioner to determine where his or her skills fit into the career vocation equation. Likewise, for individuals seeking professional career guidance, the difference between coaching, counselling, and consulting can be confusing.

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From Book Bags to Briefcase: International Student Transition to Employment in Canada

A primary reason for countries to engage in international student recruitment is the direct contribution of billions of dollars spent by international students in schools and communities in which they choose to study and live. While this direct economic impact is important, equally important in Canada is the potential for international students to fill labour market gaps.

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Career advice millennial workers would give their younger selves

As a millennial, you are a part of a generation that makes up close to 40 per cent of the Canadian work force. And while a tough job market might have you feeling discouraged about your prospects of securing meaningful employment in your chosen field, many millennials who share your attitude toward work and life but were born in the earlier part of the generation are now well-established in their careers.

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Internships aren't just for college kids anymore

In 2008, Goldman Sachs launched a mid-career internship program: the "returnship." Since then, other major financial companies like MetLife, JP Morgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley, along with technology and engineering companies such as IBM and General Motors, have embraced the concept of the return internship.

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Employers Rate Competencies, Students’ Career Readiness

Employers rating the eight competencies NACE has associated with career readiness in terms of essential need in the scope of hiring new college graduates put “critical thinking/problem solving” and “professionalism/work ethic” on top, according to results of Job Outlook 2017 survey.

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Etta St. John Wileman Award Interview - Denis Pelletier

Denis Pelletier, Ph.D. is a retired professor (1966-1996) from the Faculty of Education Sciences at Laval University, Québec. In 2009, he won the Etta St. John Wileman Award from CERIC for his work in championing career, work, and workplace development in Canada.

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Helping Employers Utilize Their Human Talent/Capital: A Case for Internal Labor Markets

Businesses can get talent by hiring a vendor or consultant, acquiring a business with the needed talent, recruiting externally (job postings), or recruiting and training internally. The military branches are examples of organizations where “internal labor markets” are used successfully to address the need for talent by using promotions, reassignment, training, and career guidance for staff internal to the organization.

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Your Ph.D. Experience Is Great Work Experience

You’ve heard it a million times: being in school isn’t the “real world,” and the longer you’re in school, the less you know about how that “real world” functions. Contrary to popular and judgmental opinion, however, your doctoral experience is some of the best working world experience you can get.

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Making the Most of ContactPoint

Do you know about all the benefits when you register as a free member on the ContactPoint online community for career development practitioners? This page explores some of the ways you can get the maximum out of your membership on ContactPoint, including: gaining wider access to the network of career practitioners and resources, being allowed to post jobs and events and more!


[Conference] The Forum 2017 – Defining Challenges, Shaping Opportunities (National Association of Workforce Boards) / March 25-28, 2017 / Washington, D.C.

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[Online Course] Career Transition Counselling Certificate Program; CDP-04 (Career Professionals of Canada) / March 27-May 1, 2017

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[Webinar Series] Career Launch Reboot: New Approaches & Tech-Savvy Tools to Help Millennials Avoid the Underemployment Trap (CERIC/BCCDA) / April 11-25, 2017 / Presented by Jennifer Fraser

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Project Officer (SPHERE) / Ottawa, ON

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Client Services Coordinator (PREP Society/Career Link) / Powell River, BC

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Resource and Information Assistant & Workshop Facilitator (Fleming CREW Employment Centre) / Haliburton, ON

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[Literature Search] Mentoring and Career Development (CERIC; Updated February 2017)

Topics covered include: Effectiveness of mentoring, e-mentoring, mentoring systems, student mentoring, career outcomes, and more.

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[Report] A Snapshot of Family Caregiving and Work in Canada (The Vanier Institute of the Family)

In A Snapshot of Family Caregiving and Work in Canada, we explore some of the family realities and trends that shape the “landscape of care” across the country. This resource highlights how our family, care and work responsibilities intersect, interact and have an impact on each other.

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[Career Assessment Tool] myIDP: Individual Development Plan

Published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, this tool helps PhD students in scientific fields explore career possibilities and set goals to follow the career path that fits them best.

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