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CERIC | 01/10/17

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Canada’s economy is off to a strong start in 2017. Can we keep it up?

StatsCan said employment increased by 108,000 in the final three months of 2016, the largest quarterly increase since the second quarter of 2010. That represented more than half of the 214,000 positions created over the calendar year.

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“Hope-centred interventions” help clients with job search and career planning

New CERIC-funded research shows that deploying specific hope-centred career interventions can positively influence the actions of unemployed adult jobseekers with low hope and high barriers. In the study, 70% of clients reported that after participating in the interventions they were able to develop new perspectives on job search, craft better career plans, and be more confident in their decision-making.

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Job hopping: everything employers need to know

No matter what the benefits, the message is clear: the workforce is changing, and employers looking to attract top talent need to adjust and adapt accordingly. The reality is that the workforce is increasingly blended – a combination of full-time, part-time, and contract workers that are on a wide range of career plans – and working to accommodate that will afford employers all the benefits that these new generations of employees can bring.

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New program helps northern Ontario students find jobs close to home

Students would prefer to stay in the north because of the “beautiful landscapes, vibrant sense of community and strong work-life balance.” Since it benefits northern Ontario employers and qualified college graduates, Stay North bills itself as a “win-win solution.”

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Why the French Email Law Won’t Restore Work-Life Balance

There is little doubt that unnecessary e-communications is costly, not just to the individual employee but to society at large. It contributes to employee burnout and lost productivity. But legal mandates focused on the symptoms, rather than the cause, of excessive emails are likely to have little effect.

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Free Webinar – Redirection Project: Career Development and Job Shifts for the 50+

CERIC will be offering a free webinar, Redirection Project: Career Development and Job Shifts for the 50+ on Thursday, January 12, 2017. A national CERIC-funded research initiative, Dr Suzanne Cook led the Redirection Project and will present her findings on later life career development among adults age 50 and older who shifted into second or third careers, as well as the experiences of career practitioners working with older adults.

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Video Feedback Shows Surprising Insights for Interview Success

Now that virtually all of us have video cameras in our pockets, I am surprised by how few career coaches use them to help clients see themselves as prospective employers would. Career coaches are just as surprised when I tell them that my clients come because they know I will record them for this purpose. Yes, really.

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Mentoring programs or sponsorship: Which is better for women?

In the drive to get more women into senior management roles in business, mentoring programs have proliferated both within organisations and across sectors. But the question remains – why haven’t these mentoring relationships had a significant impact on the statistics?

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EduData: Students’ perspectives on work-integrated learning

Among students who had a WIL experience, applying classroom skills in a workplace setting and sharing learnings in the classroom were most beneficial. As for key challenges with WIL, students identified not receiving adequate pay and lack of meaningful work. The next frontier for HEQCO’s research is identifying, and eventually assessing, common learning outcomes and skills developed during WIL.

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Managing Your Mental Health as an Entrepreneur

According to a recent survey, 30 percent of the entrepreneurs participating reported a lifetime history of depression. Another 29 percent said they were dealing with ADHD; 27 percent revealed feelings of anxiety. Mental health issues, if not addressed, can have debilitating side effects -- some of which may be detrimental to the business itself.

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GSEP Corner

A collection of articles written by students who are part of the CERIC Graduate Student Engagement Program (GSEP). Read this section to find out what some Canadian graduate students are working on in career development and/or related fields. For more information on GSEP, visit the CERIC website at


[Call for Presenters] 2017 Ontario Cooperative Education Association Spring Conference (OCEA) / January 20, 2017

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[Conference] Cannexus17 National Career Development Conference (CERIC) / January 23-25, 2017 / Ottawa, ON

Final programme now available.

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[Workshop] Breaking It Down: Dialogues on Removing Barriers for People With Disabilities in The Workplace (National Educational Association of Disabled Students) / January 27, 2017 / Ottawa, ON

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Employment Facilitator / Resource Room Advisor (March of Dimes Canada) / Ottawa, ON

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Life Skills/Employability Facilitator/Job Developer (Pacific Community Resources) / Vancouver, BC

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Employment Counsellor (Buxton Consulting Ltd) / Maple Ridge, Chilliwack, and Burnaby, BC

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[Literature Search] Learning Disabilities in the Workplace (CERIC; Updated January 2017)

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[Report] History of the Canadian Labour Force Survey, 1945 to 2016 (Statistics Canada)

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[Assessment Tool] Career Competence: Self-Assessment & Professional Development for Career Development Practitioners (Career Professionals of Canada)

Through this interactive form, you will assess your competencies against The Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners (S&Gs).

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ContactPoint is a program of the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) funded through a grant from The Counselling Foundation of Canada.

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