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CERIC | 06/28/16

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For today's grads, developing soft skills key to landing a job

Like many of her generation, Kishawna Peck had been frustrated by the classic young-job-seeker's conundrum: How are recent graduates supposed to gain valuable work experience if employers won't hire them unless they have experience - even for entry-level jobs?

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How to Use (and help our clients use!) Labour Market Information 

The labour market is a critical factor in career decision making, yet, anecdotally, it seems that most people don’t consider this crucial source of information when planning their employment path. I decided to see what the labour market looks like on a Canadian national level for career development practitioners, both to test my research skills and to see what the future looks like for our profession.

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Webinar Series - Make A Difference: Creativity, Courage and Community Impact 

Join Dr Norman Amundson and Dr Kris Magnusson for a unique webinar experience between September 8 and October 20, 2016. Over the course of four sessions, participants will be guided to undertake self-reflection and personal inquiry into the conditions and attributes that enable them to or hinder them from making a difference to the people and communities they serve. This is a CDAA-CERIC partner webinar series.

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Ontario students might face mandatory work experience

All Ontario high school, college and university students will have to participate in work co-op programs if the government keeps its promise to implement the recommendations from a panel of business and education experts.

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Learning Disabilities and Employment

From an economic standpoint, underemployment is when there are more available workers than jobs on the market. However, on a socio-professional level, other images come to mind: having to bust your tail to end up in an unrewarding work situation, having a job beneath your skills or, worse, working in a field that doesn’t correspond with your education. When working with youth with learning disabilities (LD), being aware of this and of potential solutions to prevent underemployment in this vulnerable population is important.

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Recognizing Your Potential: The Importance of Identifying Transferable Skills 

There is no denying the feeling in the air that this summer is much different than summers past. With the current economic climate we are seeing an influx of individuals searching for work. In addition, this time of year also brings with it a large wave of students and recent graduates competing in the same market. Which can leave one wondering… how can I stand out?

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How Work Will Change When Most of Us Live to 100

Current life structures, career paths, educational choices, and social norms are out of alignment with the emerging reality of longer lifespans. The three-stage life of full-time education, followed by continuous work, and then complete retirement may have worked for our parents or even grandparents, but it is not relevant today.

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Does a skills gap exist?

In February 2016, Canadian HR journalist, Claudine Kapel, wrote about some new research which appears to suggest that the driver behind the 'skills gap' that employers speak of is actually a function of a low-wage economy. Not a lack of graduate preparedness.

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Career transitions don't happen overnight

In the three years I've worked as a career and life coach, and through the years of my own transition, I've learned lots about the process of changing careers. What fascinates me most are the thoughts and feelings that accompany such a shift.

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Placing the Relationship First: Connecting with College Students and Alumni in a Distracted World

Due to growing enrollment, many higher education institutions are increasingly connecting with students and alumni amid group settings. Information sessions, seminars and workshops deftly reach a large number of students in a short period of time and can be highly effective.

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Job Hopping: The Pros and Cons

What do recruiters think of frequent job changes? What impact will they have on your career? We spoke with Mylène Beaudoin, a job search and recruiting professional, who gave us the pros and cons about job hopping.

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Blogger Central

Attention Canadian career professionals! The ContactPoint Blog is looking for regular contributors who are interested in writing about the practice of career development for their peers in the sector. If you like writing and think you have a unique perspective or expertise to share, contact!

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[Workshop] Summer Skills Academy 2016 – Training with Mark Savickas (CERIC) / Toronto, ON - July 14, 2016 

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[Call for Presenters] Canadian Education Society (CES) / July 15, 2016

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[Conference] Canadian Association for Co-operative Education 2016 National Conference (CAFCE) / Moncton, NB - August 7, 2016

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Employer Liaison (Agilec) / Mount Forest, ON

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Case Managers (Opportunity Place) / Sackville, NS

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Job Developer (March of Dimes) / London, ON

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[Report] From School to Success: Clearing the Path (Province of Nova Scotia) 

This report contains recommendations for transitioning youth from school to the workforce

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[Guide] So You Want to be a Case Manager? A Career Practitioner’s Toolkit (Life Strategies)

The guide outlines four main sections including: the profession; case management competencies; the process of case management; and concerns from the field 

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[Website] EngScape – Online Portal for Engeneering Jobs (Engineers Canada)

An interactive online portal that addresses the labour market needs of the engineering profession in Canada

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