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CareerWise 2017

careerwise-mediumBy putting together some of the most interesting articles on career counselling and career development each week, CareerWise aims to keep you current, enrich your work – and save you time.Contact us about CareerWise at Advertising opportunities available.Subscribe to CareerWise“Just a note to say how much I have enjoyed reviewing the articles/blogs/and videos that you have so carefully vetted. This has not only added to my knowledge but has provided me with the side benefit of some new career conversations with colleagues and clients. Thank you for doing this!“- Jeanette Hung, M.Ed., Career Counselling Services Coordinator, Dalhousie University“The CareerWise newsletter is a great resource. The articles are always engaging. They help you in your work with clients and your own professional development.”– Kim Murphy, Career Development Association of PEI


December 2017

  • [December 19] For new grads, higher pay but possibly fewer jobs| The six stages of career reinvention | What does “employability” look like?
  • [December 12] Chaos and complexity theory applied | Co-curricular records | December: A great time for job-seeking clients
  • [December 5] A.I. will transform the economy | Real-world résumé strategy | Canadians among most educated in the world
  • November 2017

  • [November 28] The rise of the “seniorpreneur” | CERIC updates its brand identity | What hiring managers want in a resume
  • [November 21] Hope-based interventions | Mobility “vital tool” for Canada’s future | Managers aren’t doing enough to train employees
  • [November 14] Best practice in careers education | There’s no escaping technology | A young adult’s guide to networking
  • [November 7] The changing nature of career service | Where the STEM jobs are | Fostering engagement with technology
  • October 2017

  • [October 31] Career narrative in resume building | Cultural differences and transferable soft skills | Youth underemployment in Canada
  • [October 24] Predicting the changing future of work | Career exploration in middle school | Kindness and mindset in career counseling
  • [October 17] Careers depend on lifelong learning | E-career services: Ethical considerations | Confidentiality in the Canadian careers sector
  • [October 10] Studies abroad and employability | Career development for young children | Thinking about labour market information
  • [October 3] Help clients find meaning in their careers | Military to civilian career transitions | STEM careers not just for gamers
  • September 2017

  • [September 26] Promoting diversity and inclusion | The future of work | Selling career services
  • [September 19] Career assessment inventories | Career progression outshines paycheque | Tapping the hidden job market
  • [September 12] Which careers do students go for? | Entrepreneurship in later life | Internships as pedagogical approach to soft-skill development
  • [September 5] 21st-century labour relations model | Vancouver, hottest city for jobs | The formerly incarcerated, an under-used workforce
  • August 2017

  • [August 29] Teaching interview skills? That’s debatable! | Storytelling in career development | Paid student work placements
  • [August 22] Salaries to increase in 2018 | Selling career services | Decent work for women in non-profit
  • [August 15] Google pledges $50 million to help people land jobs | Strategic résumés for challenging clients | The non-linear career path
  • [August 8] Statistics Canada’s 2016 census release | Rethinking career development for youth | Is job loss from robots real or hype?
  • [August 1] Switching careers doesn’t have to be hard | What’s next for older workers? | 2020s to bring ‘redeployment, not unemployment’
  • July 2017

  • [July 25] Are behavioural interviews overrated? | Job carving with individuals with disabilities | Challenging the gender wage gap
  • [July 18] Canada Needs A Modern Labour Policy | 3 Strategies to Help Clients Make Change | Potential hires coming up short in ‘soft skills’
  • [July 11] Youth employment needs to be a priority | Role of life skills in job maintenance | Becoming talent entrepreneurs
  • [July 4] A new approach to career uncertainty | The “Senior entrepreneur” trend in Canada | Why employers should give ex-offenders a chance
  • June 2017

  • [June 27] Why ethics are crucial | The downside of limitless career options | Entrepreneurship will become a must-have career skill
  • [June 20] Coding program for young Canadians | Ethical practice in the “Gig Economy” | Older entrepreneurs
  • [June 13] Promises and pitfalls of online education | Business development for career professionals| A conversation with Rich Feller
  • [June 6] High schools failing to provide soft skills | 13 ways to modernize youth employment | Power of personal experience
  • May 2017

  • [May 30] Expanding protection for workers in Ontario | Jump in Canada Summer Jobs funding requests | Cannexus18 Super Saver registration now open
  • [May 23] Jobs: hot and not-so-hot | Does over-education lead to decreased life satisfaction? | A six-step plan for more meaningful work
  • [May 16] Caring for aging parents costs Canadians | Career through an attachment lens | 6 career lessons from your cat
  • [May 9] WIL for students with disabilities | The 6 paths of retirement | Cure for helicopter parenting
  • [May 2] How many Canadians would choose a different career path? | Cannexus18 keynotes lineup | Mental Health Week 2017
  • April 2017

  • [April 25] Study identifies “impressive” career service models | Ontario to launch basic income pilot project | How language impacts immigrants
  • [April 18] Universities that best prepare students for employment | The uselessness of job interviews | Temporary foreign worker changes
  • [April 11] Are career fairs still worth it? | Four well-being workouts | Providing excellence in reentry programming
  • [April 4] YES Montreal gamifies job search | Motivational interviewing | Needs of international students
  • March 2017

  • [March 28] Teaching financial skills in high school | Cannexus18 Call for Presenters is now open | Supporting entrepreneurship as a career
  • [March 21] 40% of Canadian workers would take a pay cut for career growth │ Canada’s engineering shortfall │ Later life career development
  • [March 14] The millennial side hustle │ Career Development Among the Inuit │ Equipping our kids for the new labour market
  • [March 7] Students shortchanged by gaps in careers strategy │ International Women’s Day: Celebrating progress │ The FutureSkills Lab proposal
  • February 2017

  • [February 28] Canada’s most promising jobs of 2017 | Internships aren’t just for college kids anymore | Career professional paths
  • [February 21] Education & career development │ New survey on Millennials’ social values │ Better evaluate worker training programs
  • [February 14] Canada adds 48,300 jobs │ Redirection: Movers, Shakers and Shifters │ Creating workforce-development programs for everyone
  • [February 7] The changing perception of autism │ Retaining and engaging top performers │ How do you retire well?
  • January 2017

  • [January 31] New Career Management for Small Business playbook │ Helping clients stay ahead of the curve │ Ditching retirement for a new career
  • [January 17] Half of disabled Canadians find jobs │ Treating career preparation as a student wellness issue │In choosing a job, focus on the fun
  • [January 10] Canada’s economy off to a strong start │ Video feedback for interview success │ Students’ perspectives on WIL
  • [January 3] Workplace themes to embrace in 2017 │ Cannexus17 starts in 19 days │ Employability skills can be learned
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