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CareerWise 2014

careerwiseBy putting together some of the most interesting articles on career counselling and career development each week, CareerWise aims to keep you current, enrich your work – and save you time.

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“Just a note to say how much I have enjoyed reviewing the articles/blogs/and videos that you have so carefully vetted. This has not only added to my knowledge but has provided me with the side benefit of some new career conversations with colleagues and clients. Thank you for doing this!

– Jeanette Hung, M.Ed., Career Counselling Services Coordinator, Dalhousie University


December 2014

  • [December23] CareerWise: Career advice from your favourite holiday characters | Career education vs career design | Best business practices for career pros
    • [December16] CareerWise: The vanishing male worker | Helping your clients becoming entrepreneurs | What do you want to do with your life?
      • [December09] CareerWise: Good job versus bad job | Career counsellors’ salaries | Career stories that capture attention
        • [December 2] CareerWise: Helping introverted clients | The surprising failings of careers education | Rural vs. cities, how career development differs

            November 2014

            • [November 25] CareerWise: The great skills divide | Social justice and career practitioners | HR lessons from Chris Hadfield
              • [November 18] CareerWise: The workplace generation gap | Setting up your counselling office | Conscious career planning
                • [November 11] CareerWise: A future without work? | What’s missing from the labour market: data | The pros and cons of working for free
                  • [November 4] CareerWise: More Canadians take their résumé digital | Sheldon Cooper’s career development | Lessons learned through grief

                      October 2014

                      • [October 28] CareerWise: Why HR needs to start coaching | Hope-centered career interventions | Canadian Career Development Challenge
                        • [October 21] CareerWise: Automation is Voldemort | Zombie ideas in career development | Good careers advice makes kids better at school
                          • [October 14] CareerWise: The hierarchy of career needs | The career transition of Walter White from Breaking Bad | Coaching clients through salary negotiations
                            • [October 7] CareerWise: What’s wrong with careers work? | It’s your kid’s career, not yours | The tricks (and stigma) of the trades

                                September 2014

                                • [September 30] CareerWise: The myths about Canada’s skills gap | Resume advice for HR professionals | One-to-one career appointments
                                  • [September 23] CareerWise: Career counselling ISIS’s caliph | Assessing sustainability-enhancing career options | Using Pinterest as a career resource
                                    • [September 16] CareerWise: Job interviews, a waste of time? | Coaching clients to negotiate their salary | Liking work really matters
                                      • [September 9] CareerWise: Summer jobs during studies not a path to success | Prepare to meet Gen Z | Precarity, unemployment and unpaid internships
                                        • [September 2] CareerWise: Mentoring for career professionals | Jobs of the future: how to get them | Career theories and Futurama

                                            August 2014

                                            • [August 26] CareerWise: Mindfulness for career professionals | Career transitions in Desperate Housewives | “Encore jobs” a new trend in retirement
                                              • [August 19] CareerWise: Beliefs and myths in career development | Coaching international students | How to help your unemployed child
                                                • [August 12] CareerWise: Improving career services offices | LinkedIn for career professionals | Positive psychology at work
                                                  • [August 5] CareerWise: Fourteen documents to boost any job search | The 3-day work week | Should internationally-trained professionals abandon their profession?

                                                      July 2014

                                                      • [July 29] CareerWise: Will a robot take your job? | Half of all workers regret their career path | Stories and their career potential
                                                        • [July 22] CareerWise: Get ready for Generation Z | Resumes are messing up hiring | Sexual minorities at work
                                                          • [July 15] CareerWise: Landing a job is like getting a date | Career lessons from the World Cup | Why motivational interviewing and why now
                                                            • [July 8] CareerWise: 30 tips for new career counsellors | Should advisers tell people the truth? | The trouble with introverts
                                                              • [July 2] CareerWise: What do employers want? | Career professionals survey results | Cultural blind spots in career counselling

                                                                June 2014

                                                                • [June 24] CareerWise: Career development for ASD students | Jobs for life? | Investing in internships
                                                                    • [June 17] CareerWise: Jobs of 2030 | Careers and the World Cup | The link between unemployment and suicide
                                                                        • [June 10] CareerWise: The problem with Do What You Love | Career concepts that should be banned | Solution-focused career counselling
                                                                            • [June 3] CareerWise: Resume-writing skills for career practitioners | No evidence of STEM crisis | Overcoming barriers for criminalized clients

                                                                                May 2014

                                                                                • [May 27] CareerWise: 12 things every career practitioner should know | Narratives in career development | When PhDs realize they won’t be professors
                                                                                    • [May 20] CareerWise: Employers woo back working moms | Is 8th grade too early to pick a career? | Tougher rules for internships
                                                                                        • [May 13] CareerWise: Career paranoia is here to stay | Helping people with autism find work | Career and chronic illness
                                                                                            • [May 6] CareerWise: The great Canadian skills mismatch; What is your resume IQ? And more

                                                                                                April 2014

                                                                                                • [April 29] CareerWise: Aboriginal women taking on trades; Finding purpose in retirement; and more
                                                                                                    • [April 22] CareerWise: A career professional’s guide to the needs of immigrants; Transitioning from military to civilian life; and more
                                                                                                        • [April 15] CareerWise: Helping your child get a job isn’t helping; The business case for career development; and more
                                                                                                          • [April 8] CareerWise: Surviving the post-employment economy; Jobs and skills and zombies; and more
                                                                                                            • [April 1] CareerWise: Jobs of 2030; Reaping the benefits of social media; and more

                                                                                                              March 2014

                                                                                                              • [March 25] CareerWise: 20 trends every practitioner should know; Stop blaming young people for being unemployed; and more
                                                                                                                • [March 18] CareerWise: Helping your child navigate careers; Tips for career revolutionaries; and more
                                                                                                                  • [March 11] CareerWise: Rethinking the role of career centres; Children of chaos avoid unemployment; and more 
                                                                                                                    • [March 4] CareerWise: Helping parents help their children; Certification for career practitioners; and more

                                                                                                                      February 2014

                                                                                                                      • [February 25] CareerWise: Career questions parents need to answer; Career counselling with transgender clients; and more
                                                                                                                        • [February 18] CareerWise: LinkedIn for teens; Mind mapping for career exploration; and more
                                                                                                                          • [February 11] CareerWise: Things careers education should cover; “Follow your passion” is bad advice; and more 
                                                                                                                            • [February 4] CareerWise: How to prepare young people for jobs of the future; Ten attributes Canadian CEOs are looking for in new hires; and more 

                                                                                                                              January 2014

                                                                                                                              • [January 28] CareerWise: How parents determine success; Dealing with gaps in resumes; and more
                                                                                                                                • [January 21] CareerWise: Working in the name of love; How to tackle the skills gap; and more
                                                                                                                                  • [January 14] CareerWise: Social media and the job search; How safe is your job?; and more
                                                                                                                                    • [January 7] CareerWise: Workplace themes to watch for in 2014; Career creativity; and more
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