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Fall 2018

Fall 2018 issue: Navigating Mental Health and Disability


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Editor’s Note

Career Briefs

10 Questions for Dr Mary McMahon

French version of Careering / Version française de Careering


Overcoming barriers to returning to work after a mental-health leave

Career development practitioners can work alongside health professionals to help clients consider all possible return-to-work options during their recovery

By Dr Marie-Helene Pelletier 


Building resilience can have a positive impact on career transition

How clients can learn to recognize stressors and develop strategies to better manage them during career change

By Mary Ann Baynton


Case Study: Building confidence to tackle a mid-life career transition

Identifying skills and successes to help illuminate a new, meaningful career path

By Teresa Francis


Client Side: How my disability changed my perspective on jobseeking

After she was diagnosed with a progressive condition, Rebecca McMurrer feared the time and effort she had put into building a nursing career would go to waste

By Rebecca McMurrer


Infographic: Myths and misconceptions about hiring people with disabilities

Information courtesy of The Discover Ability Network


Well-being-based career practices and interventions for preventing and treating mental illness

Career development practitioners should take a holistic approach, supporting their clients’ mental health while helping them navigate career planning

By Derrick McEachern


Assisting adults with autism transition from post-secondary into the workplace

Many people who live on the autism spectrum are under- or unemployed, but with some support, this differently talented group can offer a lot to the workforce

By Sarah Taylor and Dr Anna-Lisa Ciccocioppo


Principles in Action: Uncovering interests to find the best career fit

How do we support our own staff in meeting their career goals?

By Lisa Noonan


[Online Exclusive] How CDPs can help clients with disabilities navigate legislative changes

Practitioners must stay informed about legislative changes and be aware of provincial programs to best serve their clients

By Jaclyn Krane


[Online Exclusive] Self-care can combat burnout for career development practitioners

 How CPDs can develop a self-care plan to prevent compassion fatigue and burnout

By Dr Michael Sorsdahl


[Online Exclusive] How Mental Health First Aid works and why it’s needed

This interactive program helps participants identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illness

By Stephen James Landry


[Online Exclusive] Evolution of a career development association: Supporting practitioners on the journey toward professionalization

How the Manitoba Association for Career Development has helped CDPs develop skills, share resources and build capacity within the field

By Deanna England


The theme for the next issue of Careering magazine (Winter 2019) will be “STEM,” examining how to boost access to these fields for girls and marginalized youth, as well as tips and resources to help career practitioners advise clients in these areas. If you are interested in submitting an article, please review our submission guidelines and send a brief outline of your proposed topic to by October 22, 2018. Final articles must be received by November 12, 2018.

Views expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of ContactPoint and CERIC. Mention of programs, services, products and initiatives is not an endorsement of these items.

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