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Transforming Leadership Makes All the Difference

Leadership: The activity of leading; the position of office of a leader; an act or instance of leading, guidance, direction; ability to lead; function of a leader Transforming Leadership Is Everything Before you assume that leadership doesn’t apply to you because you think you’re not a leader, let me suggest that everyone is a leader at some level. From serving as CEO of a Fortune 500 company, to ... Read More »

Career Development for Living the “Good Life” on Purpose

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The water is never still – a metaphor for labour market information

By Kristen Cumming I have a particularly deep love for labour market information. I like economics, and demography, and employment numbers, and GDP indicators. I also hold a profound love for career development. I like discovering the dreams held close to the heart that drive people to explore and risk and try. I am privileged to witness the transformational moments in people’s lives when they ali... Read More »

Career Management: your secret weapon to be a winner in today’s Talent Revolution

How can small businesses benefit from career management tools? And what can large enterprises learn from small business owners? How can businesses of all sizes turn to career management to make sense of today’s ever-changing world of work and the Future of Work? These are the questions that will be discussed at the May 11th Toronto book launch for Retain and Gain: Career Management for Small Busin... Read More »

Canadian Millennials: The same in many ways but different in others…you may be surprised

By Michael Adams Twenty years ago I introduced my fellow Canadians to the idea that demography was not always destiny and that values matter most. In my book Sex in the Snow, I demonstrated this by showing that within each generation of Elders, Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, there were social values segments which we called tribes. Some tribes had more traditional values such as deference to authority... Read More »

Reflections from a Career Counsellor Intern – Vulnerability and Career Development

By Mary Elizabeth Cobb “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.  Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.”                             – Brené Brown During my graduate studies I have been intentional about taking time to examine research that strikes a chord.  Brené Brown’s TED talk The Power of Vulnerability triggered a significant professiona... Read More »

Making Sense of Career Counselling Interventions in Canada

By Eleanor Becker Preface Like the field of counselling psychology at large, career counselling theories and their corresponding applied interventions have undergone shifts and transformations over the past several decades, often in attunement with socioeconomic and political factors (Neault, 2014). It has been suggested that there are a number of trends among recent theories of career counselling... Read More »

How can crafting your job improve your wellbeing, performance and meaning at work?

By Jessica Londei-Shortall Preface Sometimes, individuals need to change jobs to find their calling. Other times, they simply need to perform a few little tweaks to improve your meaning at work and general wellbeing. My doctoral thesis aimed to answer three main questions: Which aspects of their jobs can employees control and modify (or craft)? Which job crafting behaviors are the most important i... Read More »

Career Development Success: Themes Among the Experiences of Young People Formerly in Care

By Ashlee Kitchenham Preface Career development is often an exploratory and leisurely process for many young people transitioning into adulthood from industrialized countries in the 21st century (Arnett, 2000). This population is typically supported emotionally and practically by their family of origin and as a result they are able to allocate more time and resources to pursue higher levels of edu... Read More »

Stay-at-Home Mother to Career Changer: The Interrupted Career Pattern

By Andrea Christensen Preface Having been a stay-at-home mom and career changer myself, I speak from the heart and with a great sense of empathy to women who are in the midst of navigating this stage of life. My experience as a teacher, stay-at-home mom, business manager, and then career practitioner (in that order) has provided me with an excellent sense of the realities of career transition and ... Read More »

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