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Editor’s Note

  I asked for advice before leaving. I asked family, colleagues and professors (but not my university career counsellor… mea culpa!) whether or not a gap year would damage my chances at graduate studies or a good career, whether or not it was worthwhile. Many tried to discourage me from doing it. In 2008, I left Canada with scarcely $2,000 in the bank and a level of English that was barely fu... Read More »

Canadian women respond to survey on maternity leave and career development

Experiencing a maternity leave transition is a common experience for many women. It can be a critical turning point for the individual, the family, and an employer. By understanding the impact of maternity leave and our perceptions towards it, both as employees and employers, we can better support women and organizations during this transition. With the generous support of CERIC, this is exactly w... Read More »

Editor’s Note – Why Get Disruptive?

  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We’ve all heard this adage before, yet how many of us are enthusiastic at the idea of maintaining the status quo? Smartphones, self-driving cars, 3D printing. We get so easily excited – I get so easily excited – about the possibilities these disruptive technologies will bring about. However, we don’t often stop to think that some of these changes might be ne... Read More »

Little Things Can Result in Big Gains in Salary Negotiations

  By Karen Chopra, LPC, MCC, NCC If we are lucky, we may get an hour or so to educate a career client on how to negotiate her compensation package. That doesn’t seem like a lot of time to turn a client into an ace negotiator. Yet a little information and coaching can help our clients make quantum leaps in their negotiating ability. Here are just a few of the things we can teach our clients in... Read More »

Employees Are Overwhelmed and It’s Impacting Productivity

By Beverly Beuermann-King Many of our employees are overloaded and anxious. A 2013/2014 Staying@Work Survey from Towers Watson indicates that stress is still the number one lifestyle risk. The Sun Life Financial 2012 Canadian Health Index Report found that 72% of respondents reported experiencing excessive or uncomfortable levels of stress, and that the youngest age groups, in the prime of their w... Read More »

Why Motivational Interviewing and Why Now?

By Roxanne Sawatzky I work across Canada and meet some of the most passionate and enthusiastic service providers in the world, and a common question I’m asked from leaders and career developers is what’s new in career development and how can those new practices be integrated successfully into their current structure. Fast. You see funders wanting innovation, and organizations tell me they don’t ha... Read More »

Teach for Tomorrow: Career Education and Student Engagement

  By Annelise Welde Career education, student engagement, and social justice are linked, as students’ career aspirations are influenced by their ethnic affiliations and socioeconomic conditions (Porfeli, Hartung, & Vondracek, 2008). In this paper, I will underscore the importance of career education in promoting positive life outcomes for all students.   Career Education and Engageme... Read More »

What happens when you don’t make the NHL? A Qualitative Investigation of the Experiences of Retired Major Junior Hockey Players

  By Lauren K. McCoy Research on career and life transitions has expanded to include unique sport transitions facing elite athletes. However, the psychological, social, and physical adjustments associated with athletic career transition and retirement continue to be under-researched (Smith & McManus, 2008), despite a significant body of literature suggesting that athletes who lack transitional... Read More »

Working with Youth Transitioning Out of Care: Information for Practitioners

  By Chelsea L. Arsenault The transition to adulthood encompasses a number of major life changes and decisions that significantly influence an individual’s career development. (Biehal & Wade, 1996; Creed et al., 2011; Young et al., 2011). Youth living in residential child care centres face a number of distinct challenges as they leave care and transition into adult life, which often impede the... Read More »

Grieving After Job Loss: Honouring the Loss and Instilling Hope

  By Jessica Isenor Losing one’s job can be a difficult experience with which to cope. It can lead to a host of physical and mental health problems (McKee-Ryan, Song, Wanberg, & Kinicki, 2005) as well as relationship difficulties (Harris & Isenor, 2010). There are also those who derive much of their core identity from their work, and when it is taken away, they can experience a grieving re... Read More »

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