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Welcome to ContactPoint, the career practitioner-driven community.
ContactPoint is a multi-sector online community for professionals in the career development field. When you register a free account with our website you can contribute to our online community of career development professionals by adding events, job postings, blogs and comments.

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From the Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation comes the Innovating Employment podcast. It covers a variety of topics, from how to support successful apprenticeships, to the future of creative work, employer engagement, skills-based hiring and more.

The official publication of CERIC, this is a resource by and for career development professionals in Canada.


Fall 2018: Navigating Mental Health and Disability

Featured articles:

Overcoming barriers to returning to work after a mental-health leave

Building resilience can have a positive impact on career transition

Client Side: How my disability changed my perspective on jobseeking




Brings you some of the most interesting articles on career counselling and career development each week.

Featured this week:

Pilot project aims to bring refugees to Canada as skilled workers

Canada’s Top Student-ranked Employers 2018

Two Inescapable Rules to Alleviate Job Search Fears


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