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Managing Parental Leave: How Organizations Can Do It Better

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How do you balance having a family and having a career? According to The Wall Street Journal, job- related anxieties that come with parental leave, including worries about slowing one’s career trajectory are familiar to many women. As more employers expand parental leave benefits for men, new and soon-to-be fathers are confronting those same concerns.

Jennifer Henderson spent 15 years in corporate America in operations, leadership development, and project management. When both of her pregnancies disrupted her career progression, she founded Career Allies to change the way organizations manage parental leave.

CareerBuzz is hosted by Mark Franklin, president and practice leader of CareerCycles

Mark Franklin
Practice leader and president of CareerCycles, a career management social enterprise. Our amazing team of Career Professionals have helped over 3500 clients become empowered in their career and life choices, using an evidence-based, narrative approach. We've trained Career Professionals across Canada, leading toward the Holistic Narrative Career Professional (HNCP) designation.

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