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The Importance of Building Resilience in Career Transition

By Louisa Jewell

In the summer of 2014, my husband of 19 years told me he was leaving me. I knew we were going through a rough patch but I never anticipated anything like that.  By October, he was gone. I loved him dearly and never, in a million years, did I ever see myself as a divorced person. I remember that first morning, waking up and seeing the empty spot next to me in bed. I was devastated.

Over the years, I thought that divorce must be hard, but I didn’t think it was the end of the world, until it happened to me.  I had no idea how challenging it would be.  I thought to myself: “If I find it this challenging and I have 10 years of resilience training and a very amicable divorce, how do other people get through it?” I thank my lucky stars for the training I have had because it saved my life. I not only survived…I thrived.

We all go through difficult times in our lives and losing a job can be one of the most challenging times. It creates so much uncertainty for our clients as they worry about being able to support themselves and their loved ones.  They also lose many social relationships they had at their old jobs, which can be very difficult to accept. Knowing how to navigate this rocky road is critical for our clients to maintain their positive energy so that they can put their best foot forward with new potential employers. Having a positive, optimistic mindset can make or break their success.

The good news is, research has revealed that resilience is not only a mindset that separates those who succeed from those who plateau, it is a teachable and buildable skill.  That’s why I’m excited about my upcoming webinar series on Building Resilience in Career Transition. In this series, I will share practical tools and strategies for four very important resilience skills:

  • Bouncing back after adversity so you can quickly get yourself back on track and in a positive state of mind, ready to meet your next challenge
  • Learning from failure and getting even better for next time
  • Conquering stress and feeling strong
  • Knowing how to stay motivated and juiced no matter what happens.


Imagine if all of our clients had these important skills! Join us on April 3 and 10, 12 noon ET, where we will explore this valuable topic, not only to help your clients, but to help yourself too!


Author Bio

Louisa Jewell is a popular speaker, author and well-being expert who has inspired thousands of people from around the world to flourish with confidence. Louisa is the founder of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association and a graduate of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program at UPENN. She is the author of the new book Wire Your Brain for Confidence: The Science of Conquering Self-Doubt. For more information visit:

Lucie Morillon
Lucie Morillon is the Bilingual Content & Communications Co-ordinator for CERIC. With a passion for quality content, she connects with her online communities and provides strong resources to engage members – and always encourages new ones to get involved. She identifies, creates and curates the content destined for the ContactPoint website, the weekly CareerWise newsletter and Careering magazine.

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