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The Heart of Resilience: A Blessing, Key Questions and Core Beliefs – Part 4 of 4

Click here for Part 3 of 4.

By Denise Bissonnette

The Resilience Series and Future Projects

Given the sweeping, all-encompassing scope of what comes together and manifests as Resilience, expressed uniquely and idiosyncratically by every person depending upon the situation, one might wonder how to begin developing a training module on such an elusive subject? For purposes of the Resilience Series, in which I had four one-hour webinars, I honed in on the following sub-topics that I felt I could do justice to within that time frame and that would be most germane to the challenges and issues facing employment and training professionals. Within each webinar I offer suggestions of attitudes/mindsets, skillsets/capacities and habits/lifestyles leading to and strengthening our resilience, along with practical handouts that can be used with clientele with the goal of strengthening their resilience. Here are the four one-hour topics:

  • Making the Most of Your Time and Getting the Best from Your Energy
  • Responding Well to Feedback and Dealing with Challenges
  • The Five Essential Roles of Self-Care
  • Thinking Abundance in Difficult Times: Ten Powerful Shifts in Mindset


As is often the case, I would have loved twice the time for each of those topics, and have since developed a two-day course on Strengthening Resilience, based on the content of the webinar series. I also look forward to exploring additional sub-topics, which will include:

  • Developing a Network of Role Models for Inspiration and Resiliency
  • Strengthening Resilience through Mindfulness Practices
  • Creating Resumes of Resilience
  • Giving and Receiving Help: Cornerstones of Resilience
  • Recognizing and Strengthening our Natural Coping Mechanisms


I leave you now with a borrowed blessing.

I wish for you what I wish for myself. I wish you the sturdiness of great mountains. I wish you the ability to bend like trees in fierce storms. I wish you the grace of flowing rivers. I wish you open hearts, bright minds, and great courage. As you stumble, may you rise. Be a faithful steward of your gifts. And may you journey, always, in the direction of your hope.


Thoughts to Consider

To be alive, fully human

Is to be continually thrown

Out of the nest.

– Pema Chodron

A good half of the art of living is Resilience.

– Alain de Botton

Stand Tall

Fearlessly stick your neck out.

Reach for new heights.

Dress with flair.

Listen with your heart.

– Giraffe Blessing

You must face annihilation over and over again

To find what is indestructible in yourself.

– Pema Chodron

Darwin was on to something when he asserted that those who survive are not necessarily the strongest or the most intelligent, but the most adaptable to change.

– Maya Angelou



Putting it into Practice

  1. Share these blog posts with your staff, co-workers or clientele and use these questions for discussion afterwards:
  • What images does the word “resilience” conjure up in your mind?
  • What would you include in your own Resume of Resilience?
  • What questions do you believe live at the heart of resilience?
  • In what part of your life is resilience being summoned?
  • What are some of your own core beliefs regarding resilience?


  1. Consider meeting with staff, coworkers or clientele for a brown bag lunch once a week for four weeks, using the webinar series as a training tool. Begin each subsequent week with a report on how they have utilized the webinar handouts. Alternatively, invite staff or coworkers to dig up their own resources, articles, videos, etc., on the theme of Resilience, taking turns presenting and sharing what they have found.


  1. In the spirit of a Resilience Project, invite stories and examples from staff, co-workers and/or clientele, and consider putting together a videotape, or holding an event in which individuals share their stories. Nothing inspires hope and resilience more readily than seeing and hearing examples of it from the people around us!

Denise’s acclaimed Resilience Series is now available “on demand” for the first time! This is your chance to benefit from Denise’s wisdom at your own pace with convenient & affordable online training!

Denise Bissonnette
Denise Bissonnette is an internationally renowned trainer and keynote speaker who has authored several celebrated books including Beyond Traditional Job Development: The Art of Creating Opportunity, Cultivating True Livelihood, and 30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee. Known for coupling the philosophical with the practical, Denise delivers inspiration with equal portions of hand-on tools and techniques.

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