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A Smartphone + an App = earning money while you grocery shop

Working from home concept.

Snap Saves is an app for your smartphone, tablet or pc that enables you to earn money from your routine shopping trips to the grocery store. Our tester, Lesley shares that in just over a week she has earned (saved) $5.00.

What kind of work is it?
It’s not really work per se it’s more like a modern version of coupons. Instead of clipping them you browse the app and see what is on ‘offer’, then if you have purchased different items you take a picture of your receipt and upload it via the SnapSaves app.

An example would be say you had cottage cheese on your grocery list. You check to see what is on offer via SnapSaves. You see that they have a brand of cottage cheese on offer. You purchase that brand of cottage cheese, snap a picture and upload the receipt you get $1.00 cash back from the purchase.

The list of participating retailers is impressive including, Walmart, Target, Loblaws, Costco, Whole Foods, Sobeys, No Frills, Superstore, Safeway, IGA, Shoppers Drug Mart and more, allowing you to shop where you normally do.

What are their requirements?
– a smartphone, tablet or pc
– download the free app
– snap photos of your receipts
– upload them via the app

What are the hours and rate of pay?

Our tester Lesley says “I haven’t cashed out yet as I’m only at about $5 worth of savings and you can’t cash out until you’ve reached $20. From what I see it’s easy to cash out, you just go to your account and click the Request Cheque button and they mail out them out weekly.”

Lesley also provides a comparison to other similar apps: “In comparison to other apps the offers that this one has are far better. They give you regular offers like “1 litre of milk” or “oranges” things that lots of a people will buy on a regular basis whereas the other apps I’ve used are quite specific in what you need to purchase in order to claim an offer. I’ve been using Snap Saves for a week and half and have saved $5 whereas Checkout 51 I’ve been using for almost 2 months and am only at $4.50 because the offers aren’t as general as what this app offers.”

Anything else I should know?

Lesley shares “It’s very easy to work with but you have a quick turnaround time from the time you make your purchase to when you need to upload your receipt, most of the time you have to do it within 2 days of the purchase otherwise you can’t claim the offer. This app has some really good offers (better than other apps) and higher value offers from other apps I’ve used. Most of them do range between $1 and $3 which is pretty good.”

One of the issues I heard about several times is that it can be challenging to take pictures of long receipts. Lesley reflects this in her own experience. “It’s very easy to upload a receipt, you just take a picture of it using your phones camera and the in app camera setting. The only downside to this is that with long receipts you have to add it in sections which isn’t hard to do but you can’t see the text on the receipt until you’ve snapped the picture so you have to make sure that you know exactly where the first section ended and the second is going to begin.”

Are they legitimate?
Yes SnapSaves is legitimate and only available in Canada.

Where do I find out more?
Are you interested in becoming a Work from Home Champion and opening up these opportunities for your clients, while protecting them from scams? Find out more at


Profile photo of Anne-Marie Rolfe
Anne-Marie Rolfe is a Work from Home Champion in Stratford, PEI and fully committed to researching, investigating and validating legitimate opportunities to work from home. She regularly blogs about legitimate opportunities to work from home or related topics.

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