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Content Marketing – Legitimate Opportunity to Work from Home

Working from home concept.What is content marketing? 

“Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” (

Content marketing translates into opportunities for those who like to create relevant and valuable content from the comfort of home.  One such opportunity exists with


Interact Media, the company behind both and, was founded in 2007 by writers, agency owners and business leaders who recognized that a new wave of publishing and content creation was on the horizon. is a digital marketplace where a company who needs content posts a job and then freelance writers bid on the jobs.  Once successfully written the freelancer submits the content to the client, the client accepts or declines the content.  If accepted the money goes from the client to Zerys, who takes a 30% commission, and then via Paypal to the freelancer.

What kind of work is it?

When I asked I was told that articles, blog posts, white papers, and e-books are just some of the content that is available to freelancers.

A company, agency or individual posts up their requirements and then you as a freelancer check the board and bid on the jobs you want.  I understand that you do have the opportunity to connect with the client to clarify any questions related to what is needed in the content.

What are their requirements?

Before being accepted as a freelancer with there is an application process where you will need to submit a sample of your writing.  The sample can be original or it can be something you have published before.

The following is the advice they shared for someone starting out:

  • Take your time and do a thorough job when adding all of your knowledge and expertise.  This has a direct impact on the jobs that you qualify for.
  • Produce quality work from the beginning as this is what clients are looking for.

What are the hours and rate of pay?

Payment is handled through  They retain 30% of the price the client pays, and most contracts are decided based on the number of words requested.  So a 500 word article, at 5 cents a word would cost a client $25.00 of which Zerys would keep 30% ($7.50) and you would make $17.50.

I was told that a writer can make $50 to $500 a week, however I would caution that there are plenty of factors to consider not the least of which is your research and writing skills.  You are paid on the 1st and 15th of the month so long as you have a balance of $10.00 or more.  Payment is made via PayPal.

To the best of my knowledge there are no fees associated with being a freelancer with

Anything else I should know?

They do contract with Canadians and currently have over 13,000 freelancers worldwide.  That means you will be competing with plenty of other writers, so sharpen your pencil and bring your best writing to the table.

Your profile is also added to their site so that clients can read samples of your work.

They have an affiliate program where you can earn additional money.

Are they legitimate?

Yes they are legitimate.  As with any opportunity it is necessary that you do your own research to make sure this is a suitable fit for you.

Where do I find out more?

They have an extensive FAQ section that I recommend you read.

An internet search on ‘content marketing’ will help to solidify your understanding of this overall area.

Profile photo of Anne-Marie Rolfe
Anne-Marie Rolfe is a Work from Home Champion in Stratford, PEI and fully committed to researching, investigating and validating legitimate opportunities to work from home. She regularly blogs about legitimate opportunities to work from home or related topics.

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