[September 24] CareerWise: TED Talks for career professionals; Career advice from Kindergarten Cop; and more

This week, we are celebrating CareerWise's first anniversary. Hats off to all who have made CareerWise part of their weekly routine!

Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy

Lucy is part of Generation Y, the generation born between the late 1970s and the mid 1990s. She's a unique brand of yuppie, one who thinks they are the main character of a very special story. Only issue is this one thing: Lucy's kind of unhappy.

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5 Must-See TED Talks for Career Professionals

To give your clients the best chance for success, you need to remain on the leading edge. Here’s a compilation of Ted Talks that are sure to energize your passion for Career Development.

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CERIC partners with BCCDA on Kelowna Mini-Forum

With a theme of “Inspire, Influence, Innovate,” the full-day event will take place on November 5, 2013 and bring together three leading experts in career development research and practice.

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Competency-based Job Development: Hedging the jobseekers bet

Competency-Based Job Development takes a two-pronged approach: linking candidates to employers not only through a “fit” with the job function, but more strategically through determining if there is a “fit” with the organization.

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Why The Paper Resume Is Not Going Away Any Time Soon

Some career experts believe that the traditional format is out, and Google is now your new resume. Others argue that most hiring managers still prefer paper resumes from candidates.

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The 10 Best Websites For Your Career - 2013

Today we’re releasing our second-annual list of the best websites for your career. Last year our list of 75 sites stirred plenty of comments, emails and tweets. This August we put out another call for nominations and got a flood of 2,000 responses.

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The dirty jobs

Many young Canadians are going to university rather than trade school, often at the behest of others, who still see skilled labour as the work a person does “if you [aren’t] that smart.

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1 in 5 Canadians expect to never retire: Survey

Two fifths (40 per cent) of retired Canadians said they had not prepared adequately or at all for a comfortable retirement. However, many semi-retired Canadians cited largely positive reasons for staying in the workforce.

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Career Advice from Kindergarten Cop

Movies mirror life. Many movies offer compelling (or not so much) advice about careers and the world of work. See what career lessons can be learned from Kindergarten Cop!

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From the Canadian Journal of Career Development: The Relationship Between Vocational Self-Concept, Ego-Identity Development, and Vocational Decision-Making

Occupational decision-making is an ongoing concern with university students and knowing what developmental tasks facilitate the process can make this particular problem-solving task easier.

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Retirement, Wisdom and the Aging Decision Maker

If we choose to allow (or force) older citizens to retire, is this a good decision or a massive waste of intellectual capital? But supposing no one retired - Would our elder workforce jeopardize our productivity?

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Global Career Empowerment Summit / October 17-19, 2013 - Orlando, USA

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NBCDAG-CERIC Webinar – Effective Needs Assessment: A Starting Point for the Assessment Process / October 24, 2013

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Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion Workshop / October 30, 2013 - Vancouver, BC

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Counsellor (University of Victoria) / Victoria, BC

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Employment Services Coordinator (Centre for Education & Training) / Malton, ON

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Career Development Counsellor (Avalon Employment Inc.) / St. John's, NL

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Podcast: Are unpaid internships a good way to get a start in the job market? / CBC

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Education Indicators in Focus 15 – How are university students changing? / OECD

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The BC Employment Program Hub Tutorial / BC Centre for Employment Excellence

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