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Listed below are examples of innovative programs, organizations with unique missions and other transformative ideas in the field of career development. Promising practices are gathered from around the world. If you know of a promising practice that is not listed in this directory, you are invited to add it.

Issue Brief: Social and Emotional Learning in Canada

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a framework for developing social and emotional competencies that is gaining interest in Canada and the United States. The purpose of this issue brief is to provide an overview of the field of social and emotional learning in Canada, particularly within the education system. It presents a concise synopsis of recent research on the need for and the benefits of SEL initiatives, along with the findings from consultations with a cross-section of leaders and others working in the fields of SEL and mental health promotion.

Jobs for the Future: High Schools Team Up with Employers

[United States] At Jobs for the Future, we believe all high schools can benefit from partnering with employers, colleges, and the workforce system to build seamless pathways through college and into technical careers. And thanks to funding from Youth CareerConnect, 25 to 40 school districts will soon join this growing movement.

Kocihta eMentorship

The Kocihta eMentorship pilot will help close Canada’s Indigenous education and employment gap by increasing the confidence of Indigenous youth and empowering them to pursue a career that unites with their passions and skills.

Legacy Careers Project

The Legacy Careers Project was a five day programme of career enrichment activities for schools in East London. The programme ran from June to December 2013 with students moving from Year 8 to Year 9. It provided information and activities to support students to better understand their future career options. The project takes its inspiration from the Olympic Games and is informed by the opportunities offered by Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This paper sets out the findings of an evaluation of the project conducted by the International Centre for Guidance Studies. The evaluation concludes that the project was successful. Evaluators noted the delivery of an effective and coherent career learning programme that aligned well with best practice in the sector.

Modern Guild

Modern Guild is an online career mentoring program offering different level of career prep courses taught by real world practitioners and trained career coaches in 1-on-1 settings. Motivated, high-performing students are matched with passionate, successful industry professionals and trained career coaches; Assignments, prep interviews and mentor meetings all take place online. (USA)

New Ontario government policy: early career learning in schools

A new Ontario government policy to get students thinking about careers well before they finish high school could change their futures.

Northern Community Development Services (NCDS) / Shape Your Future Career Fair & Training Expo

Winner of the Small Communities Innovation Award at the 2014 National Youth Employment Innovation Awards.

Nova Scotia: Province, Businesses Create Jobs Here for Students

The province of Nova Scotia is teaming up with businesses to help recent graduates stay in Nova Scotia through student employment programs.

Nunatsiavut Government Sponsored Bachelor of Social Work Program

To meet its long term social development needs, Nunatsiavut Government decided to build from within-partner with a university to offer a culturally competent accredited social work program to its Beneficiaries in Labrador. Teaming up with Memorial University of Newfoundland’s School of Social Work, faculty and NG staff began the job of forging a new path. Inuit students enrolled in the program not only receive instruction in the standardized social work program of study, traditional Inuit knowledge and cultural norms are woven into each course.

Parents as Career Coaches

Parents are the single greatest influence on their child’s education and career decisions. That’s why the Department of Education offers Parents as Career Coaches, a program offered at no cost to parents and guardians of junior and senior high school students across Nova Scotia. This program equips parents to better support their children in making informed and successful education and career choices.

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