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100 Future of Work / Webinar

Shifting demographics are challenging traditional approaches to succession management. Past workforce strategy decisions have left a gap in leadership candidates. Recent graduates are joining organizations but not staying. This research based webinar focuses on five key trends that every leader needs to know in order to thrive in today’s Talent Revolution. Building on research from the upcoming book, The Talent Revolution, this talk delivers real-world examples to make sense of ever-changing workforce and workplace dynamics.   Topics covered in this webinar include: Demographics & Legacy Shift Career Ownership Impact of the Freelance Economy Emergence of Platforms Automation   Is this webinar for you? Are you: Curious about the Future of Work and career innovation and how it relates to today’s workplace? Wondering how your own career experience relates to today’s trends? Interested in learning how careers have changed over time and what’s next in the world of work?   Delivery Method: Online

A Paradox of Labor Market in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): Increasing Student Employability

The countries of the Arab Gulf have historically been a top choice for the global expatriate workforce due to high economic growth, quality of life, employment prospects, and good governance. Recently however, these countries are facing significant economic pressure from the ongoing slump in oil prices, political disputes, and rising youth unemployment. This creates a paradox of possibility. In this context, NYU Abu Dhabi will review the current status of employment in the Arab Gulf and highlight strategies to improve international graduate employability in the GCC labor market. Presenters: Ashique Rafi is working as an Employer Services Specialist at New York University Abu Dhabi. His primary assignments are focusing on campus recruitment, employer engagements, employer events, reporting, and managing employer centric activities on NYUAD CareerNet portal. He joined NYUAD Career Development Center in June 2012 but prior to that he was actively involved in career services while serving as a Global Academic Fellow and during his graduate study at KAUST. He completed his Masters in Engineering from University of Nottingham and KAUST respectively. Dana Downey serves as the Associate Director at the Career Development Center, overseeing employer relations and communication strategy. Prior to joining the team at NYU Abu Dhabi, Dana worked as a career development counselor in the United States for six years. She completed her Masters in Counseling Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin, specializing in global mental health and career development.   Access the Recording

A Wildcat’s Guide to Entrepreneurship

This webinar, hosted by serial entrepreneur Chirag Gupta (McCormick/Medill ’12), will address 3 key topics within entrepreneurship: building your team, building your product, and making your first sale.   View

Accessibility at Work: The Business Case for Inclusive Workplaces

Accessible workplaces and employment practices that support people with disabilities are an emerging priority for Canadian businesses. This is especially important in Ontario, with the new provincial Accessibility Standard for Employment under the AODA phasing in. In this 60 minute webinar with Ruth Wright and Alicia Cameron, these new regulations will be translated into concrete HR practices that promote accessible employment.   View

Accessibility Audit 101: Design for Diversity and Equality

Through the lens of the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification program, Jenny Blome, accessibility specialist, will discuss ways to increase accessibility of exterior and internal business spaces including parking, pathways, entrances, illumination, acoustics, seating, service counters, workstations, circulation, sanitary facilities, signage and emergency systems. From big to small, there are many modifications we can make to our existing facilities to increase accessibility. At the end of this 60-minute webinar, participants will walk away with an idea of meaningful access that goes beyond technical accessibility to true inclusion.   View

Accessibility for Specialized Populations in One-stop Employment Centres: Best Practices from the UK, US and Australia

Wendy Bancroft of it’s about us research presented findings from the Centre’s study on Accessibility for Specialized Populations in One-stop Employment Centres: Best Practices from the UK, US and Australia.

Accommodating Nonvisible Disabilities

This webinar aims to respond to growing employer concerns about performance, productivity, absenteeism and medical leaves of employees who have nonvisible disabilities, such as those with mental health problems, chronic pain, and learning disabilities and other cognitive and emotional problems. There is a significant gap between increasing nonvisible disability statistics, especially in mental health, and the skills and resources available to employers. This presentation will help bridge this gap by providing evidence-based guidance and best practices for accommodating these potentially vulnerable employees before chronic disability sets in and to maximize their capacity in the workplace.   View

Accommodating Religious Diversity in the Workplace

There is a legal mandate to accommodate religious practices in the workplace. However, accommodation should not only be a requirement. It is good human resource practice to create an open environment that recognizes religious practices of all employees. A company can improve employee satisfaction and productivity by helping employees feel like they can bring their whole self to work and not having to “hide” a part of themselves in the workplace. In this webinar, learn from legal expert Dave McKechnie of McMillan about the duty to accommodate employees’ religious practices and hear from Irit Kelman, Mount Sinai, and Debbie Pawelczyk, RBC, on how to create and implement practical accommodation policies for your company. The session is moderated by diversity expert Rhonda Singer from Coaching for Action. Speakers Dave McKechnie, Partner, Employment & Labour Relations, McMillan Irit Kelman, Human Rights & Health Equity Specialist,Mount SinaiHospital Debbie Pawelczyk, Sr. Advisor – Workplace Accommodation, Employee Relations, RBC Moderator Rhonda Singer, Senior Associate, Coaching for Action   Watch  

Accommodation in the Nonprofit Workplace

Original broadcast date: Thursday, January 19, 2017 Summary: This recorded webinar, presented by the Canadian Mental Health Association – BC, delves into the world of accommodation and explores the boundaries of flexibility within a nonprofit workplace. With the goal of keeping employees safe and employed, we look at real-life examples and consider opportunities to do things a little differently.   View

Accommodations and the Inclusive Workplace

Employer responses to employee medical issues is one of the greatest sources of employment litigation today. Oftentimes an employer will try to do the right thing but may fail to properly document their efforts. Or, an employer may feel that their employees are taking advantage of a medical issue to get out of work or guarantee employment in spite of under-performance. This webinar was designed to give employers practical guidance on how to approach an employee’s medical issues, how to document efforts to accommodate those issues, and how to deal with a disabled employee’s performance issues. Please note, MCLE and HRCI credit can only be provided to those who attended the live presentation. Presented by: Gina Haggerty Lindell You may download a copy of the presentation materials here. Disclaimer: Information found in this website is for general information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice or legal opinion on specific facts or circumstances nor as a solicitation of legal business.   View

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