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Various resources linked to mentoring, such as online resources, reports, organizations or programs are featured in this section. You are welcome to add mentoring resources that do not already figure on this list.

Kocihta eMentorship

The Kocihta eMentorship pilot will help close Canada’s Indigenous education and employment gap by increasing the confidence of Indigenous youth and empowering them to pursue a career that unites with their passions and skills.

Ten Thousand Coffees

We’re a team of young people who believe that the next generation has incredible potential just waiting to be unlocked. The problem? There’s a gap between the leaders of today and the social generation. We built Ten Thousand Coffees to be the solution: to bridge that gap and help people connect in a way that’s never been done before. Business leaders go for coffee all the time, but they’re restricted to their personal networks of friends and family. Ten Thousand Coffees is democratizing the coffee experience by opening it up to youth all over Canada.

Student Mentee and Alumni Mentor Toolkit

If you are a student who is getting ready to graduate and you are seeking a mentor working in your field of interest who has previously attended and graduated from your educational institution, this is a great resource guideline for Student Mentees and Alumni Mentors on how to connect and work together for a successful mentoring experience and for a smooth transition for the student from higher education to the work environment.

Do It Yourself Mentoring Program Toolkit

This Do-It-Yourself Mentoring Program Toolkit is specifically designed for organizations creating a mentorship program involving their employees and International Trained Professionals in the community.

E-Mentoring Program Resources

The E-mentoring Toolkit – How to start your own e-mentoring program.

Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring – 3rd Edition

The Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring holds the key to success in producing high-quality relationships. The new edition of the Elements provides six evidence-based standards for practice that incorporate the latest research and best-available practice wisdom. It also reprises advice that appeared in earlier editions on program design and planning; program management; program operations; and program evaluation.

Mentor Guide – Professional Engineers Ontario

Mentorship contributes to developing professionals who adhere to the highest standards of engineering practice, and are capable of assuming leadership roles.

Mentor National Mentoring Partnership

Access a variety of quality-based mentoring  resources and information for mentoring programs, mentors and mentees

Canadian Colombian Professional Association (CCPA)

CCPA has created a new Mentoring Program that supports all new Latin American professionals arriving in Canada. This program will be a powerful tool for qualified newcomers to contact successful Latin American or Canadian professionals who will support them in their search and achievement of professional goals.

International Mentoring Association

The premier source for mentoring & coaching resources in the world!