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This section lists facilitation tools. They can be ice-breakers or activities that can be included in a workshop or a presentation. You are welcome to add your favourite facilitation tools to this list!

The Sailboat Metaphor

This tool is part of the Positive Psychology Program’s Practitioner’s Toolkit. After introducing the toolkit about a half year ago, we have continually updated it and have now reached the 100 tools border. As many new tools have been planned for future updates, we continue to build our database and offer our users a premium selection of hands-on tools. In order to celebrate this milestone, we would like to share the 100th tool with all visitors of Positive Psychology Program. This tool was developed to enhance the understanding of human complexity from a positive psychology perspective. 

The Value Auction

Purpose: To help priorize values. It also illustrates how a person reacts to competition, and any impact that may have on values.

Three Truths and a Lie

Purpose: Ice-breaker and introduction tool. This is particularly useful when you have a group of people who already know each other or have been working together for a while. It can be used with a new group as well.

Time Capsule

This is a good exercise for practising reaching consensus and for team members to understand each other’s values.

Time Value

Time is money. This game helps players make sure that their time and money are well spent.


Webfolio is a sort of professional self-portrait initially developed for students. Individuals participate in a series of activities that lead them through a three step process: (1) my skills and interests; (2) understanding the job market and (3) my plan in action.  Webfolio generates a document which provides a quick overview of who you are, what you can offer the job market, and what your career goals are. You can even show your Webfolio to potential employers. Your Webfolio does not, however, replace your resume or cover letter. Webfolio is more of a complementary tool that can accompany these documents and help you reflect on your career. Webfolio can show employers that you have planned out your career and that you are ready to work for them!

Weighed and Measured

Purpose: Many workshop participants attend training and, while having good intentions about using the learned skills, only sporadically apply the learning when they are back on the job because they are not really convinced of the need to change.

Who Said That?

Purpose: To help the participants share background information.

Word Power

An activity to demonstrate that a group can achieve a better result than individuals working alone. Overview Participants are asked to develop a list individually, then in syndicates, then as a whole seminar. The exercise focuses on the progressive increase in results as more become involved. 

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