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This section lists facilitation tools. They can be ice-breakers or activities that can be included in a workshop or a presentation. You are welcome to add your favourite facilitation tools to this list!

An Aboriginal Essential Skills Journey: Planting the Seeds for Growth

The Aboriginal Essential Skills Journey workshop resources are designed to introduce the concept of Essential Skills to learners and support ES integration into the work of educators, trainers, counsellors. The two day workshop toolkit includes a Facilitator’s Guide and Participant Workbook in both French and English. These workshop materials have been produced anticipating the needs of educators, workplace trainers and facilitators. They are useful in their own contexts and can be downloaded for free. Format and content reflect an Aboriginal worldview.

The 10 Fingers Ice Breaker Game

The Ten Fingers Ice Breaker Game is best if you use at least eight (8) people. However, this game can most definitely play with less. Ten Fingers is a great way for people to learn more about one another as well as find out what they have in common with other people.

Handling The Unexpected Exercise

Imagine you are delivering a presentation to a group of 15 people, when the ‘unexpected’ happens. How do you handle these situations?

Made to Order

In a Nutshell This is a fun, creative activity in which employees write their job descriptions in the style of a retail catalog. The activity helps employees to focus on the positive aspects of their jobs and on the value they bring to the organization.

Meeting Monsters

Objectives: To identify the types of behaviors that disrupt team meetings. To develop tactics for dealing with problems behaviors in meetings.

Word Power

An activity to demonstrate that a group can achieve a better result than individuals working alone. Overview Participants are asked to develop a list individually, then in syndicates, then as a whole seminar. The exercise focuses on the progressive increase in results as more become involved. 

Effective Meetings

Information and articles on planning effective meetings, creating agendas, team work, conferencing, and presentations.

Effective Teams through Better Group Processes (George Mason University)

Website featuring reviews and information on several commonly used approaches to structured group meetings including Nominal Group Process, Group Communication Strategy, and Delphi Group Process.

Story of My Life

You have just been given a contract to write your autobiography for a major publishing company. Your agent Harry Hardnose is anxious to get to press. He has decided to help you get started with a few probing questions. 

Stomped On Blues

Source: Emily Sylvester’s “A Book of Surprises: Games, Stories and Magic for Career Practitioners”