The Value of Education: Springboard for success

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A report published by HSBC sheds light on parental attitudes toward their children’s education. HSBC’s new research study “The Global Value of Education” indicates that 82% of Canadians want their children to go to university, but also that they expect to see a return on their education investment. Nearly half of Canadian parents cited “the ability to compete in the workplace” (47%) or “income earning potential” (43%) as key outcomes of a good university education. Canadians were also willing to allocate more to their child’s studies than their global counterparts, indicating that they would ideally set aside 54% of their money for their child’s education. The survey also found that 40% of Canadians believed public schools to be as good as private schools, but 26% saw value in a private education. 24% reported that public schools did not meet their standards for skill development.



Link: file:///C:/Users/Mario/Downloads/the-value-of-education.pdf

Publisher: HSBC

Jurisdiction: International

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