National Survey: Accessing Career and Employment Counselling Services

The job market is constantly in flux, and the needs and attitudes of Canadians evolve with it. In order to gain a fresh, up-to-date perspective on how Canadians use and access career and employment counselling services, CERIC along with The Counselling Foundation of Canada commissioned a nationwide survey of adult Canadians.

Survey findings reveal who is most likely to access career services: those who define themselves as having a “career,” those who say they have a “job” or students. Findings also explore which types of career professionals Canadians are most likely to meet with, perceived effectiveness and barriers to accessing career services.

The online survey of 1,500 Canadians was conducted by Navigator Ltd. in November 2014.


Read media coverage of the survey:

The Globe and Mail, March 11, 2015: “Half of Canadians regret not getting professional career advice”

Academica Top Ten, March 12, 2015, “Survey shows that half of Canadians who have not sought career advice wish that they had




Date of publication: March 2015


Publisher: CERIC

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