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Intercultural Competency: Maximizing Collaboration & Productivity (On Demand)

On Demand

Course Leader: Iren Koltermann, Graybridge Malkam
Duration: 1 hour 0 minute
Price: $69.00

Globalization, advancements in technology, demographic changes, and the need to be connected 24/7 are some of the factors impacting the way we work today. Our workforce and clients are becoming more diverse. More collaboration is required with internal and external stakeholders across different geographies. To thrive in this new and connected environment, managers and staff members need to collaborate more effectively across different cultures. Lack of intercultural competency can be a drag on their productivity and thus adversely impact the bottom line of the organization.

In this webinar you will discover:

• What is intercultural competency?
• Why is it necessary be a culturally competent organization?
• How does developing intercultural competency impact the bottom line?
• What are some steps your organization can make to develop intercultural competency?

Webinar speaker: Iren Koltermann, Graybridge Malkam

Iren Koltermann brings more than 18 years of experience assisting organizations to maximize the benefits and better leverage the cultural diversity of their workforce. Her experience derives from working in talent management and training/development internationally and in Canada. Iren has held senior positions, including Associate Partner at KPMG Canada. Her extensive experience in the field of multi-cultural talent management has enabled her to build the skills and knowledge base necessary to train others to create effective and efficient intercultural work environments.

Iren is a Senior Associate of Graybridge Malkam, a firm that has been successfully supplying diversity and cross-cultural training, research, and consulting services since 1989. She is also a founding member of a non-profit organization, The Musonda Association for Learning and Action aimed at supporting youth, especially immigrants, to identify their talents and help them to build capabilities to gain employment and contribute meaningfully to their communities and society.

Iren holds an MA in Intercultural and International Communication; her thesis topic was: “Canadian Experience, eh? Dimensions of Canadian experience in the context of employee selection.” She also holds a Bachelor of Education and a graduate-level certificate in Sustainable Community Development. Her personal and professional experiences as a refugee immigrant in Canada inform her work, studies, and involvement in diverse communities.

*Please note, this webinar is available for viewing for 7 days from date of enrollment.

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