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FAQ for Employers: The ContactPoint Job Board

The ContactPoint Job Board is a great way for employers in the career development field to connect with job-seekers.


Why Post with ContactPoint?

It’s free! There is no charge to post your job on the ContactPoint Job Board.

It’s popular. The ContactPoint Job Board is viewed by hundreds of Canadian practitioners. Visit the current job board listings to see just how many hits an average job posting receives.

It’s easy. You fill in an online form to provide us with the content for your posting and ContactPoint staff format the information and make the posting “live” – visible to viewers of the site.


Posting Guidelines

Positions for counsellors, advisors and coaches, as well as their managerial and administrative supports, are welcomed from all sectors in the career development field.

Postings for positions outside the career development field are not accepted.

Every posting is reviewed by ContactPoint administrative staff to ensure that it fits the job board’s mandate for positions within the career development field.


How to Get Started

To post your first job, simply register with ContactPoint. Registration requires only a few pieces of basic information and uses an online form through this website.

You will receive an email confirming your registration.Your registration is activated when you reply to this email.

Once you are logged in, a link will appear at the top of the Job Board – Current Job Postings page that says, “Add New Job Posting”. Click on the link and complete the online form.


Tips for Posting

Use these inputting tips to ensure speedy and accurate posting.

    • Log into the ContactPoint website.
    • Go to the Job Board and select, “Add a New Job Posting”, a link that only appears to users who are registered with and logged into the site.

In the form that appears, please complete the following…

  • Title: the name of the position
  • Category: Select “– Current Job Posting” from the drop-down menu (Under “Job Postings”)
  • At “Publish”, select the “yes” button. This will alert ContactPoint staff that your posting is ready to be reviewed and made live on the site.
  • You may wish to insert tags (keywords for search engine optimization) into the space allotted, but this is not essential.
  • When adding text to the content boxes (organization description, duties/responsibilities, requirements/qualifications), please limit formatting (no tables, use only one font and one font size, etc.).
  • Be sure to include a brief description of your organization in the spaceallotted after you input your organization name.
  • Schedule: Is the position full-time, part-time, temporary or permanent? This information appears both in the individual posting and the main job board listing.
  • Region: Where is the position geographical situated? Sometimes this is the same as the “City”.
  • Be sure to provide a deadline for applications. Click on the calendar icon to the right of the text box and select the date. The deadline appears both in the individual posting and the main job board listing. Postings that are submitted without a deadline will automatically be given a three week deadline and moved to the “recent postings” section after that date.


Remember, your posting will not be immediately available online. ContactPoint staff must approve all job postings before they are made public.

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