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GSEP Corner

Articles written by students who are part of the CERIC Graduate Student Engagement Program (GSEP) are compiled in this section of the ContactPoint website. (French-language articles are found on OrientAction.) CERIC encourages the engagement of Canada’s full-time graduate students whose academic focus is in career development and/or related fields through the GSEP. For more information on GSEP, visit the CERIC website at

The Loss of a Professional Home and the Search for Career Adaptability: The Disequilibrium of Immigration

  by Lorraine Godden In July 2009, my family and I immigrated to Canada from England. As a woman in my forties, I had built a career in education in England where I felt I was making a useful contribution to society. My skills and experience were, it seemed, of value, and I had a sense of belonging within my professional environment. I felt I had achieved a professional home. Throughout the planni... Read More »

Research: Creativity and Career Counselling

by Lauri Mills I am currently a graduate student working on my thesis in the area of creativity in career counselling, specifically the experience of career counselling professionals in using creativity with clients. Counselling literature has different ways of considering creativity; however, for the purposes of my research, I define creativity as divergent thinking, or “thinking in a broad, flex... Read More »

The Intersection Between Mental Health and Career Counselling: An Ongoing Discussion

by Barbara Smith The relationships between unemployment and mental health are well documented (Herr, 1989). Okasha (2005) notes that the rate of mental health disorders has been closely related to economic, social and cultural conditions. The World Health Organization (2004) states that “economic instability [has] been linked to increased levels of psychiatric symptomatology and psychiatric morbid... Read More »

New Programs and Initiatives: Professional Skills Development for International Students

by Lynn Walsh and Jennifer White International students often have culturally different approaches to job search, and combined with language barriers, job search can be frustrating and cause anxiety. Providing adequate support to this population and fostering relationships for students with industry representatives and the employer community resulted in the creation of the Professional Skills Deve... Read More »

One Stride Closer: Psychological Considerations of the Immigrant Career Transition

by Basak Yanar Each year Canada welcomes some 200,000 immigrants – over half of which are “skilled” – eager to develop successful careers in their new country.1 Government initiatives and settlement agencies provide a wide array of programs designed to facilitate their entrance into the Canadian labour market. Although 80% of Canada’s immigrants succeed in finding full-time employment after two ye... Read More »

Challenges Facing University Career Centres in Effectively Preparing Students for Medical School Multi-Mini Interviews

  by Kimberley Rawes and Barbara A. Smith The working world has valued reductionist and analytical approaches, and the medical profession is a classic example of this “left brain” emphasis (Pink, 2006). Globalization and the use of technology to outsource medical procedures that depend on rule-based logic, like diagnosis which often involves decision trees, have transformed the need for local... Read More »

Career Development in Plant Agriculture

  by Vijay Kumar Bhosekar   Due to the continued growth of the global population and the consequent expanding need for study of food crops and agriculture in general, the outlook for plant agriculture and agriculture experts is excellent. Past agricultural research has created higher yielding crops, crops with better resistance to pests and plant pathogens, and more effective fertilizers... Read More »

Improving Your Employability in Tough Economic Times

  by Jen Davies Youth unemployment in Canada has rarely been worse. In an economic period that has seen retirement savings shrink, Boomers aren’t retiring as expected. Long-time program funders like the federal and provincial governments are cutting the number of dollars they are spending on summer jobs programs and even on ongoing employment-related services, so there are fewer openings and ... Read More »

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