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Winter 2018

Principles in Action: Framing Career Development as a Lifelong Process

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Nova Scotia Trades Exhibition Hall: Innovation in Youth Engagement

Fighting the knowledge gap to increase young people’s awareness of the diversity in the construction industry By Madison Tiller   What jobs do you think of when you hear the term “construction?” Words like “carpenter,” “plumber,” or “electrician” may come to mind. And for many high school students, this is where their knowledge of the construction industry ... Read More »

Not Every Computer-Related Job Is IT

Understanding computing disciplines to help advisors guide students in choosing the right career path By Janet Miller and Randy Connolly   When you are out at a party, meeting new people, how do you answer the question “What do you do?”  Do you respond with a job title, or do you describe some of the functions of your work?  Do you try to describe the impact of your responsibilities, or do yo... Read More »

10 Questions for Chief Robert Joseph

Chief Dr Robert Joseph, OBC, is a true peace-builder whose life and work are examples of his personal commitment. A Hereditary Chief of the Gwawaenuk First Nation, Chief Joseph has dedicated his life to bridging the differences brought about by intolerance, lack of understanding and racism at home and abroad. Chief Joseph is currently the Ambassador for Reconciliation Canada, a member of the Natio... Read More »

The Changing World of Work

What occupations and skills are most at risk with automation – and which will remain in demand By Trudy Parsons    A report released by the World Economic Forum – Future of Jobs Report – shares a popular estimate, claiming 65% of children who are just entering primary school will work in new job types that do not yet exist. Imagine how this world of work will evolve for these young peop... Read More »

The Future of the Canadian Workforce in the Digital Society

Attracting talent and engaging underrepresented groups By Dragana Martinovic and Viktor Freiman   Today’s labour market relies heavily on technology and requires skills and competencies that may vary from simply using an online form to apply for work, to writing a sophisticated computer program. With this broad spectrum of workplace demands in mind, we looked into job skills that involve digi... Read More »

The Death of the Full-Time Job?

By reflecting on the trends emerging today, we can speculate about what the future labour market will look like By David Tal   The last five years have seen a steady increase in sensationalist headlines written by a diverse range of researchers, columnists and news pundits (myself included), all forecasting the end of full-time work. Often highlighted in these forecasts is the 2013 Oxford stu... Read More »

Career Briefs

CERIC launching three new publications for K-12 Educators and counsellors working with students in kindergarten to grade 12 will benefit from three new research-based resources published by CERIC that will be launching at the Cannexus18 National Career Development Conference in January. • Computing Disciplines: A Quick Guide for Prospective Students and Career Advisors was developed by an internat... Read More »

How Do We Prepare Our Graduates to Prepare for Tomorrow?

Tips for students, career professionals, employers and faculty on how to respond to disruption By Philip D. Gardner   The next wave of technological innovation is already upon us. Susskind and Susskind (2017) have studied the future of the professions and offer a cautionary tale of what the future holds. All fields face disruption from various types of technology driven by accelerating advances in... Read More »

Online Reviews Emerging as Key Influence in Job Search

How user-generated content will drive applicant decision-making and recruitment spending patterns well into the future By Nathan Laurie   After 20 years in the Canadian recruitment market, I thought I knew it all – that is until the world changed under me. In 1994, my brother, Mark, and I launched our first business fresh out of university called, Target Student Marketing. We started off by m... Read More »

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