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The emerging field & importance of cyber security – Interview with cyber security expert and Xahive co-founder Sem Ponnambalam

Listen to this episode of CareerBuzz at With the growing threats to personal and government data security what are we supposed to do to protect against cyber attacks? And with the growing threats come career opportunities: information security was among the top 10 jobs for 2016. Learn more about the field of Cyber Security and Sems own career path that took her from working in var... Read More »

Have you or your clients considered freelancing? Here is what you need to know…

With so much buzz about the sharing or “gig” economy it is difficult to pinpoint the real opportunities for our clients to take advantage of. Although difficult to pinpoint initially, those possibilities can be an oyster of opportunity and are blind to many demographics that create barriers to employment. This economy brings opportunities for our clients that may be facing those tough barriers inc... Read More »

Being Self-Employed Versus Being an Entrepreneur

By Renée Gendron MA At first it appears that being self-employed is the same as being an entrepreneur. Both require the individuals to keep their skills current, to grow their networks and to develop resiliency skills. Both also require that the person be continuously scouting or prospecting ensuring that there are future contracts or sales. But there are many other differences that need to be con... Read More »

What can you learn from outdoor active experience? – Interview with Outward Bound Executive Director, Sarah Wiley

Listen to this episode of CareerBuzz at During a mountain biking trip in Nepal, Sarah Wiley realized her planned career in law might not be the right fit. Now, as Executive Director ofOutward Bound Canada, she is helping others learn about themselves and connect with the great outdoors. Hear Sarah Wiley’s inspiring story and learn about Outward Bound Canada in this episode of Care... Read More »

The Heart of Resilience: A Blessing, Key Questions and Core Beliefs – Part 4 of 4

Click here for Part 3 of 4. By Denise Bissonnette The Resilience Series and Future Projects Given the sweeping, all-encompassing scope of what comes together and manifests as Resilience, expressed uniquely and idiosyncratically by every person depending upon the situation, one might wonder how to begin developing a training module on such an elusive subject? For purposes of the Resilience Series, ... Read More »

Life After Military: Employment Challenges for Veterans with Disabilities

Read More »

The Heart of Resilience: A Blessing, Key Questions and Core Beliefs – Part 3 of 4

Click here for Part 2 of 4. By Denise Bissonnette Core Beliefs It was with the wresting of these questions that I created The Resilience Series, a four-part webinar that I delivered in the spring of 2015. With the gift of time and distance, I now recognize with fresh eyes some of the key principles and overriding tenets that informed that body of work, although I never spoke to these directly in t... Read More »

The Heart of Resilience: A Blessing, Key Questions and Core Beliefs – Part 2 of 4

Click here for Part 1 of 4 By Denise Bissonnette Questions at the Heart of Resilience In the weeks and months that ensued, I followed the thread of that profound blessing to uncovered the following questions which I believe lie at the heart of resilience: With so much and so many vying for our attention, how do we stay focused on what is important? In the midst of those who would urge us to give u... Read More »

The Heart of Resilience: A Blessing, Key Questions and Core Beliefs – Part 1 of 4

By Denise Bissonnette As often happens in my work, the inspiration to create new material, whether for a workshop, a curriculum, or even an issue of this newsletter, arrives in subtle and sometimes surprising ways. Last year I had the opportunity to develop a four-part webinar entitled The Resilience Series which has just been made available for on-demand viewing.  What I would like to share with ... Read More »

Expanding Employer Engagement in Career Development

By Phil Jarvis, Director of Inspire Partnerships, Career Cruising A minority of all career professionals are engaged in K-12 career development. Nonetheless, we all deal with clients who are products of public education. With 12 years under their belts one might expect high school leavers to have a sense of purpose, direction and confidence as they embark on adult life. Regrettably, the majority d... Read More »

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