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Digging Deeper: Including Physical and Environmental Demands as Key Factors in Career Choice

When choosing a suitable career path, much attention is given to interests, values, aptitudes and educational requirements.  However, there are two aspects of career choice that are less frequently and comprehensively explored despite being key factors in successful employment, particularly if the applicant has a disability.  Career development practitioners can aid their clients in finding succes... Read More »

Career Buzz Podcast: Communication skills for influence

I love asking Career Buzz guests to name their top few strengths that help them be successful. Educator Amena Zafar (Aug. 19, 2015) gave a unique twist to a generic response: “Communication skills for influence, which is knowing what the bigger objective of your communication is, and making a plan to achieve that objective through communication.” Amena’s other strengths of “... Read More »

Creative Thinking and Career Development

The world around us is always changing, and we must figure out how to adapt to these changes or risk getting left behind. This concept is especially true when it comes to career development and management. Hiring trends are continuously shifting and the skills required for various positions are evolving and becoming more extensive all the time. Therefore, it is our responsibility as careers profes... Read More »

Call for Bloggers

Attention Canadian career professionals! The ContactPoint Blog is looking for regular contributors who are interested in writing about the practice of career development for their peers in the sector. If you like writing and think you have a unique perspective or expertise to share, this might be an opportunity for you. What’s in it for me, I hear you say? Establish an online presence and vi... Read More »

Career Buzz Podcast: What’s it like to live and work in Turkey?

“If you are working you should get paid,” Gokce Ucar told Career Buzz listeners (July 29, 2015) when I interviewed her in the Izmir airport on a recent trip to Turkey. When she graduated university, Gokce, like many Turkish new entrants to the job market, she reluctantly did an unpaid internship to get a toehold into the job market. The internship led to paid work after six months. Bas... Read More »

Looking for Work? Your Health is Your Most Important Asset: 10 Ways to Stay Healthy After Losing Your Job

  By Lesley Taylor, M.Ed. Have you recently lost your job, or helping out a client who has? Losing a job, even a job that you hate, involves change and this can cause stress. Some stress is good, but when stress threatens to overwhelm us, we need to ensure that we are healthy so we can be ready when new opportunities present themselves. What are the signs of stress? Headaches Muscle tension H... Read More »

Career Buzz Podcast: From traumatic childhood to business and philanthropic success

“Skateboarding and some great teachers changed my whole life,” Jay Mandarino, CEO of CJ Group of Companies, told Career Buzz listeners (June 17, 2015). As a child Jay had many problems and almost didn’t make it. But skateboarding “helped me learn self-confidence and to believe myself.” Confined to bed after an injury in his early 20s Jay started selling printing jobs.... Read More »

Don’t just look for a job, conduct a job search!

  What’s the difference between looking for a job and conducting a job search? On the surface, it doesn’t appear to be much since the end goal is the same. There are, however, major differences between the two. Both psychological and tactical advantages can be obtained when you tell people you’re conducting a job search. The key to any successful job search is all about thinking strategically... Read More »

Reimagining High School Career Education

With another school year behind us, I’ve been thinking once again about how the services provided to students could be improved in future school years. Not surprisingly, one of the first areas that comes to mind is the delivery of career education. Currently, there is a course offered to Grade 10 students in Ontario about career planning, but I’ve heard from many sources that it isn’t the most eng... Read More »

10 Ways to Shift into a Narrative Mindset and Language – and avoid saying ‘Labour Market Information’ Part One

  By Mark Franklin After training more than 350 helping professionals in our narrative framework and method of practice I’ve noticed that while most trainees pick it up and run with it, others aren’t as quick to embrace new ideas, methods and language. I really appreciate the adventurous career professionals who learn a new skill then bear with it through the awkwardness of early use until th... Read More »

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