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Reimagining High School Career Education

With another school year behind us, I’ve been thinking once again about how the services provided to students could be improved in future school years. Not surprisingly, one of the first areas that comes to mind is the delivery of career education. Currently, there is a course offered to Grade 10 students in Ontario about career planning, but I’ve heard from many sources that it isn’t the most eng... Read More »

10 Ways to Shift into a Narrative Mindset and Language – and avoid saying ‘Labour Market Information’ Part One

  By Mark Franklin After training more than 350 helping professionals in our narrative framework and method of practice I’ve noticed that while most trainees pick it up and run with it, others aren’t as quick to embrace new ideas, methods and language. I really appreciate the adventurous career professionals who learn a new skill then bear with it through the awkwardness of early use until th... Read More »

Employment adventures for unemployed Canadian youth

Benjamin Guth loves making a difference so when the rules for Canada’s temporary foreign worker program changed, Benjamin started to put unemployed Canadian youth to work. He told Career Buzz listeners (May 27, 2015), “I get to send them on adventures. It’s probably the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.” How the clues apply to you: That podcast also f... Read More »

Career Services Readiness Assessment: Are you prepared for the talent revolution?

  By Lisa Taylor The Conference Board of Canada has dubbed 2010-2020 the “Talent Decade,” elevating the work of career professionals as leaders. Shifting demographics and other dynamics are challenging traditional approaches to career planning, engagement and program delivery. In this Talent Revolution, career services are more critical than ever. Are you prepared? Which of the statements bel... Read More »

Beware the Job Search Zombie

  By Dan Walmsely Your client sits across from you and you don’t know why exactly but you wish they had gone to another employment counsellor. You have a feeling of frustration, as though this client is not someone you can help. It makes you doubt your abilities as a counsellor, saps you of your drive and positivity. When you ask them what kind of work they want to do, they answer, “any... Read More »

The Millennials are Transforming Our World

  By Lesley Taylor I’ve been fascinated by Millennials for a while now. According to some experts this generation, which was born between 1980 and 1997, will make up 75% of the total workforce in North America by 2025, and they are already moving into leadership roles. In fact, they will be in charge of most of our organizations in the very near future. Some people will tell you that the mill... Read More »

Be kind, not nice.

When Dr. Marcia Sirota was “too nice” she lost sight of her own wants and needs, and her personal life fell apart. That led her to shift her psychiatry practice, and found the Ruthless Compassion Institute to focus on the “nice versus kind” conundrum. “People go to extremes in how they deal with themselves and each other,” Marcia told Career Buzz listeners (May ... Read More »

Mountains, leaves, and the breeze of change

Career Buzz Podcast: Are you a mountain or a leaf? “We often get lost in our head when we’re trying to change things in our lives and communities,” Lodro Rinzler told Career Buzz listeners (April 26, 2015). Author of The Buddha Walks into the Office, Lodro spoke about the importance of meditation to help you “come home to who you are, your true self and innate wisdom.”... Read More »

Five ways to listen and learn when you hear a career story

You can gain so much by hearing other people’s career stories, but you have to listen carefully and in special ways. After interviewing over 300 guests on Career Buzz, and hearing thousands more stories in our CareerCycles practice, I’d like to share these five ways to listen and learn, next time you hear a career story — like on Career Buzz this Wednesday 11 to noon, or by liste... Read More »

The Best Jobs for Introverts: What You Need to Know

  By Lesley Taylor, M.Ed. I was speaking to a group of Rotarians last month and was asked which jobs are more suited to introverts. I responded by listing a number of jobs that I thought would suite an introvert’s need for quiet time or solitude: jobs such as accounting, long-haul truck driving, writing, computer programming, astronomy, geoscience, medical records technician, librarian, light... Read More »

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