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Announcing the Glossary of Career Development

To coincide with Canada Career Week, CERIC and the Canadian Council for Career Development (CCCD) have collaborated to launch the Glossary of Career Development. Read More »

Transferable skills: Insights from Engineers Without Borders

When Mike Klassen graduated from engineering school, he wanted to make a difference so he volunteered with Engineers Without Borders, whose mission is to be an ‘incubator of systemic innovation.’ Mike told Career Buzz listeners (Oct. 8, 2014) how his volunteer gig led to paid jobs with EWB where he spent three years in Ghana, Uganda and the UK, as a consultant, team leader and portfoli... Read More »

Canadian women respond to survey on maternity leave and career development

Experiencing a maternity leave transition is a common experience for many women. It can be a critical turning point for the individual, the family, and an employer. By understanding the impact of maternity leave and our perceptions towards it, both as employees and employers, we can better support women and organizations during this transition. With the generous support of CERIC, this is exactly w... Read More »

Assertiveness – Skills That Introverts Need In Order to Succeed

  By Lesley Taylor Looking back over my career I can spot the times when I succeeded at being assertive and times when I failed miserably. Stepping into formal leadership roles meant that I had to learn how to assert myself in order to advocate for my teams. A recent Google search provided the following definition of assertiveness, “… the ability to honestly express your opinions, feelings, attitu... Read More »

Preparing your clients to work from home

Do you have clients who have been asking you about work from home opportunities? If so here are some tips for preparing your clients to work from home. For each area, have a coaching conversation with your client, asking them to rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being low and 10 being high. Self-discipline To be successful working from home you need self-discipline. Self-discipline is ... Read More »

Little Things Can Result in Big Gains in Salary Negotiations

  By Karen Chopra, LPC, MCC, NCC If we are lucky, we may get an hour or so to educate a career client on how to negotiate her compensation package. That doesn’t seem like a lot of time to turn a client into an ace negotiator. Yet a little information and coaching can help our clients make quantum leaps in their negotiating ability. Here are just a few of the things we can teach our clients in... Read More »

Opportunities for Newcomers with Language Skills

Are you a career professional who works with Newcomers to Canada?  Or perhaps you are a Newcomer yourself.  If so, I want to share some innovative things that are happening that are increasing the demand for those with a solid native understanding of one language, able to translate it into another.  This trend is known as translation as a service. Hospitals are an example where live, simultaneous ... Read More »

Work is the boss, not the location

During my career I have worked in a variety of settings including small to medium offices and solo offices based out of my home. This experience has provided me with unique insights into the nature of both an office environment and a home based office. Given the nature of my work, there is a distinct advantage to the home office environment. Elements of your work are probably the same as mine. Let... Read More »

Unemployment and Mental Health

I last wrote about the fear of success that many of the long term unemployed might experience. This time, I’d like to expand on that theme, and look at the effect that long term unemployment can have on an individual’s mental health. These days, the job search seems to take much longer than it has in the past; because of this, many people find that their mental health and wellbeing suffers. Being ... Read More »

The Best Teams Include Introverts & Extroverts

  By Lesley Taylor “Are we making a mistake by requiring introverts to participate in teamwork?” asks Michael Haberman, senior consultant with Omega HR Solutions.1 Introverts, who may not like to speak up in groups, might agree with the above statement and so might extroverts who become frustrated by their introverted colleagues who seem to “disappear” when it’s time to participate in importa... Read More »

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