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Mountains, leaves, and the breeze of change

Career Buzz Podcast: Are you a mountain or a leaf? “We often get lost in our head when we’re trying to change things in our lives and communities,” Lodro Rinzler told Career Buzz listeners (April 26, 2015). Author of The Buddha Walks into the Office, Lodro spoke about the importance of meditation to help you “come home to who you are, your true self and innate wisdom.”... Read More »

Five ways to listen and learn when you hear a career story

You can gain so much by hearing other people’s career stories, but you have to listen carefully and in special ways. After interviewing over 300 guests on Career Buzz, and hearing thousands more stories in our CareerCycles practice, I’d like to share these five ways to listen and learn, next time you hear a career story — like on Career Buzz this Wednesday 11 to noon, or by liste... Read More »

The Best Jobs for Introverts: What You Need to Know

  By Lesley Taylor, M.Ed. I was speaking to a group of Rotarians last month and was asked which jobs are more suited to introverts. I responded by listing a number of jobs that I thought would suite an introvert’s need for quiet time or solitude: jobs such as accounting, long-haul truck driving, writing, computer programming, astronomy, geoscience, medical records technician, librarian, light... Read More »

A More Effective Way to Connect on LinkedIn

In our work as career development professionals, we often coach our clients to utilize networking as a strategy for job search and general career management. One of the most widely used tools for networking is LinkedIn; however, this tool is not very effective if individuals cannot get other users of the site to accept their invitations. Personally, I can’t even say how many times I’ve received a ... Read More »

How to Fail Forward

Ashley Good on learning from failure Starting from a side project taking over the leadership of the Engineers without Borders failure report, Ashley Good (Career Buzz, March 11, 2015) founded the world’s first failure consultancy, Fail Forward. How did it start? She came back from a troubled overseas project and when she got back “the only thing that made sense to me was failure.”... Read More »

Awake at the wheel: Combatting burnout and strengthening resilience

  By Denise Bissonnette As career coaches, employment counsellors and job developers, I can’t think of a timelier topic than that of Resilience and Staying the Course which I will be exploring through a four-part webinar series this spring. In my training this last year to employment professionals, in various locations throughout the US and Canada, I have been astounded at the number of peopl... Read More »

Helping Introverts Ace the Job Interview

  By Lesley Taylor “A high school student of mine who was an excellent candidate for a demanding summer position at a hospital is an introvert and does not always appear enthusiastic when she meets someone new. Once you get to know her she is warm and an excellent conversationalist.” Victoria Unfortunately this young woman did not get the job. I heard a similar story this weekend about anothe... Read More »

Stop blaming yourself. Find an employer who invests in its workforce

Hear the Podcast: Tom Zizys on fixing our dysfunctional employment market and why you should stop blaming yourself “Canadians have answered the call,” economist Tom Zizys told Career Buzz listeners (Feb. 11, 2015). “We have a large proportion of people with college and university degrees,” said Zizys, a Metcalf Foundation Fellow, but they’re “working in entry le... Read More »

Researching a Company, to Determine “Fit”

  Career development literature is full of information about how employers decide which candidates they will interview, and how job seekers should best present themselves to become one of those candidates. Job seekers are told to set themselves apart from their competition, and are made acutely aware that employers are scrutinizing their every action and communication during the application a... Read More »

If You’re Concerned About A Shortage of Skilled Workers – Start by Recognizing the Potential of Introverts

  By Lesley Taylor According to a new report from The Conference Board of Canada the continuing shortage of skilled workers is negatively impacting our economy to the tune of billions of dollars every year. There are a number of reasons for this shortage. The first concern cited in the report is the large number of workers who do not have the necessary skills to fill the jobs that are current... Read More »

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