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Opening my eyes to the skilled trades

By Ashley Beaupre Did you know that jewelry design is considered a skilled trade? What about landscaping? Or photography? As a child or young adult, what did you dream of being when you grew up? Back then did you know that you could have had a lucrative career as a hairstylist or as a chef? When I graduated from high school less than a decade ago, I didn’t even know that you could have a successfu... Read More »

Creating Career Pathways with PLAR

By Teresa Francis “I don’t know my value outside the world of dancing,” said Clinton during our first meeting. He had enjoyed a long and successful career as a professional, performing in and directing countless shows and leading a company. Now seeking a career change, Clinton admitted he had no idea of the skills he possessed or how he might use them in another field of work. Another client, Aman... Read More »

What is a work from home opportunity?

A quick search on the internet will lead you to a wide variety of terms associated with work from home opportunities. From the many definitions researched, here is the one that best captures the spirit of the movement. “Growing business practice in which an employee or entrepreneur works at home instead of in a company office. The development of personal computers (see microcomputer) has broadened... Read More »

Employees Are Overwhelmed and It’s Impacting Productivity

By Beverly Beuermann-King Many of our employees are overloaded and anxious. A 2013/2014 Staying@Work Survey from Towers Watson indicates that stress is still the number one lifestyle risk. The Sun Life Financial 2012 Canadian Health Index Report found that 72% of respondents reported experiencing excessive or uncomfortable levels of stress, and that the youngest age groups, in the prime of their w... Read More »

Why Motivational Interviewing and Why Now?

By Roxanne Sawatzky I work across Canada and meet some of the most passionate and enthusiastic service providers in the world, and a common question I’m asked from leaders and career developers is what’s new in career development and how can those new practices be integrated successfully into their current structure. Fast. You see funders wanting innovation, and organizations tell me they don’t ha... Read More »

From Compliance to Trust: the culture of virtual business

When Josh Zweig and Chad Davis set out to start their business they envisioned a new type of chartered accountant – client relationship that eschewed the traditional image of a C.A. in favour of an accessible, tech able, friendly accountant. is the company they founded and is Canada’s first 100% paperless, online chartered accounting firm. The team at work via Skype with ... Read More »

Success – Isn’t it a Good Thing?

Much has been written about job seekers and their fears of failure and rejection, and about the scores of people who have overcome failure to achieve resounding success. However, there has not been as much discussion about those who have a fear of success. This is arguably just as big a problem as the fear of failure, and it has the potential to become quite overwhelming, the longer the period of ... Read More »

Doctor Prescribes Career Help

Career Buzz guest, a family doctor, talks about meeting a career professional to get help to manage his career in medicine and beyond “The first step of getting help,” said Dr. Aubie Diamond, (Career Buzz, May 21, 2014) “is admitting it to yourself. If you’re in a [career] situation that’s not tenable, at a certain point in time, a person will begin to ask, ‘If ... Read More » Legitimate Opportunities to Work from Home  

What kind of work is it? is a job board dedicated to matching top talent to employers who are willing to hire regardless of location.  I’ve been tracking this board for the past 6 months and have found that they are posting opportunities that are interesting, well compensated and offer flexibility.     The job board is currently offering some very interesting positions... Read More »

Career conversations with kids?

In talking about career development for children as young as three to six years old (Career Buzz, May 14, 2014), Sarah Brown emphasized the importance of the uniqueness of each child. Even before setting kids loose to play in an animated and online “Career Town,” Sarah, who’s the product manager for ccSpark! from Career Cruising, said you need to help kids become more aware of th... Read More »

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