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“Just a note to say how much I have enjoyed reviewing the articles/blogs/and videos that you have so carefully vetted. This has not only added to my knowledge but has provided me with the side benefit of some new career conversations with colleagues and clients. Thank you for doing this!

- Jeanette Hung, M.Ed., Career Counselling Services Coordinator, Dalhousie University


January 2015

  • [January 20] CareerWise: Are careers advisers qualified to give careers advice? | Jobless youth at risk of isolation | Gaining control of the job search process
    • [January 13] CareerWise: What will work look like in 2030 | Barriers to youth employment | Embrace the chaos of careers
      • [January 6] CareerWise: Reflective practice in career development | Winners and losers in the labour market | Social networks for job searching

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