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Guidelines for the ContactPoint Blog



  • No -ism: racism, sexism, ageism, etc.
  • No offensive content will be tolerated.
  • The bloggers are at complete liberty to choose the topics of their posts, although they should keep in mind that their audience is not made of jobseekers but of career professionals.
  • The ContactPoint blog cannot be used to sell services or products, or for any kind of self-promotion. If you wish to promote your products, services or brand, get in touch with
  • We request that bloggers post original content. However, it is acceptable to link back to their own website for more content on the same theme as their ContactPoint blog posts.


Length and frequency

  • There is no compulsory frequency for posting. Although we suggest one post every two weeks, the bloggers are at liberty to choose their own frequency, as long as they post on a regular basis.
  • A blog post should be shorter than a magazine article. While, again, there is no official word limit, bloggers should try to keep their posts under or around 500 words.


Website access

  • Bloggers are given editor status on the ContactPoint website, and can post their blog posts themselves. Comments will be moderated.


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