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Ye Liu's Posts

Canadian Workforce and the Future of Work: Redirecting the Labour Force Towards the Trades

By Anna Klimbovskaia   Like many high-school students, Alyssa Deville didn’t have a concrete plan after graduating, “I knew I couldn’t afford to go to university and I didn’t consider trades. Many teachers told me trades were for underachievers.” This misconception is familiar to many. The idea that skilled trades jobs are somehow less desirable than office jobs, was cultivated in parallel wi... Read More »

Among giants: Who should be recognized for their lifetime contribution to career development?

By Riz Ibrahim Do we always recognize the giants within our midst? Do we celebrate their mammoth impact on our day-to-day work? Do we subscribe to the notion that the world is a much better place because of them? Do we attest to their unwavering commitment and tireless resolve to champion the cause of career, work and the ever-changing workplace? Etta St John Wileman was such a giant. In the early... Read More »

Professional development after an individual psychological assessment feedback: From intention to behavioural integration

By Simon Trudeau   Organisational psychologists and career counselors take different actions to encourage clients to develop themselves and further their career. Individual psychological assessment (IPA) is a process in which these practitioners draw conclusions about a candidate’s attitudes, behaviours, competencies and development opportunities. These conclusions are based on information ga... Read More »

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