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Lucie Morillon's Posts

What does “employability” look like?

By Dr Jeff Landine Let me introduce you to my friend – I’ll call him Bert. Bert is in Grade 12 and has the optimism and enthusiasm of someone who has the whole world ahead of him. His parents have supported him in many ways growing up, including making it possible for him to be involved in a variety of activities at school and be as successful as possible. As a result, he looks at his life going f... Read More »

Real-world résumé strategy: Are you preparing résumés strategically or haphazardly?

By Wayne Pagani As career professionals, we instruct our clients to stay on top of the latest trends in résumé writing. Doesn’t it make sense for us to apply what we teach? A lot has changed in résumé writing. With our ever-changing employment landscape, being well-versed in résumé strategy and design is even more critical than ever. Today’s résumés are strategic. We just can’t use templates anymo... Read More »

Career guidance for social justice

We’re very excited about our new book which is on sale today. Entitled Career Guidance for Social Justice: Contesting Neoliberalism the book is an edited collection which examines the intersections between career guidance, social justice and neoliberalism. In the book the contributors offer an original and global discussion of the role of career guidance in the struggle for social justice and eval... Read More »

The “I Don’t Know” Client Response

By Sonny Wong Career counselling is the art of examining clients’ presenting issues and applying our counselling techniques. Clients come to us during their transitional periods, such as: school to work, employment loss or career changes – these stages can be disruptive to their career identity development. Recently, in a session that I was leading with career practitioners, one participant asked ... Read More »

Career Development Theories Revisited

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The Changing Nature of Career Service

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Cultural Differences and Transferable Soft Skills: How Newcomers Can Better Integrate into the Canadian Workplace

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Losing the Comma

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Obvious and Unexpected: The Benefits of Volunteering for Youth

Research shows that volunteering helps improve employability and acts as a route to employment – among other positive outcomes By Melanie Hientz   Weeding an organic farm in Costa Rica with a machete. Fertilizing the soil with cow dung. Eating dinner on a mountaintop with strangers from around the world. All things I never thought I’d experience – and all of which took place on a single volun... Read More »

Female Entrepreneurs: Fear of Failure and the Restorative Role of Resilience

Helping female entrepreneurs requires an understanding of their unique experiences By Lori Padley-Lee   Women in Canada are choosing self-employment in record numbers. In 2015 there were over one million self-employed women in Canada, and at last count these women had contributed nearly $150 billion dollars to our economy. Yet while the number of women entrepreneurs is growing at twice the ra... Read More »

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