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Lucie Morillon's Posts

Revisiting the Role of Career Assessment Inventories in Career Counselling

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Reflecting on 20 years of ContactPoint

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Is Job Loss from Robots Real or Hype?

By George Dutch, MA   Answering this question requires a closer examination of the numbers driving social, economic and technological trends disrupting and/or destroying certain sectors. Which traditional careers are the most affected by automation, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI)? How many jobs have already been replaced by them? Which sectors are being disrupted most and in what w... Read More »

Five Recommended Best Practice Strategies for Job Carving with Individuals with Disabilities and Barriers

Tips from the Front Line Employment Specialist By Joanna Samuels In today’s complicated and competitive labour market, people with disabilities are often excluded from the workforce leading to high rates of unemployment for these population group (Baker and Vaks, in AAIDA, 2015). Yet, working is critical for how we define ourselves and “create our personal sense of identity” (Eichler, 2017). As a ... Read More »

Offender Placement: Are we doing the best we can with transitional employment?

By Loretta Smith My staff and I work with a difficult client group. All of our clients are offenders, and we are mandated to work with the offenders based on risk. Within provincial correctional institutions, we generally do not program the low-risk; we focus on the medium and high- risks offenders. We work with the offenders who do not walk into employment agencies unless it is a Court Ordered re... Read More »

Learn to Pivot: The New Approach to Career Uncertainty

A four-stage framework for mapping your next move By Jenny Blake   What do you do when your dream job no longer feels like a fit? I had been working in training, coaching and career development at Google for over five years when I took a sabbatical to launch my first book, Life After College [1]. I loved working there and had a perfect-on-paper role myself ─ but something was still missing. I... Read More »

Work Ethic in the Age of Career Uncertainty

Workplace values and ethics as a defense against the ever-evolving labour market landscape By Kah Hock (Danny) Koh   When we discuss career pathways and labour market trends, is it appropriate for us to sum up the discussion using the phrase “change is the only constant”? Current realities seem to indicate that technology, healthcare careers and “green jobs” are the thriving industries where ... Read More »

New Mantra for Education: Career Readiness

By Phillip S. Jarvis   Student success is every educator’s highest priority, but the interpretation of success is ambiguous. With only 44% of students still fully engaged in high school, down from 76% in Grade 1 (Gallup) [1], and half of out-of-school 16-25 year-olds unemployed or in precarious, low-wage, no-benefits jobs [2], it’s clear that despite best intentions education is n... Read More »

Preparing Workers for the World of Freelancing

How career development professionals can support clients By Tammy Donovan   It is commonly accepted knowledge that the world of work is changing considerably. Full-time jobs are becoming less common and a growing number of workers are expected to make a living by freelancing, or combining part-time and project-based work. Statistics Canada data indicates that all jobs created in 2016 and a la... Read More »

The Episodic Career: How to Thrive at Work in the Age of Disruption

By Farai Chideya Atria Books, 2016 Book Review by Alyson Nyiri   No one gets a free ride in life or work writes Chideya. Whether you call it resilience, grit or optimism, in the world of jobs we must learn to evolve into a different form, tapping into what we have done, finding a new focus, and leveraging aspects of ourselves previously dormant. The Great Recession of 2007-2009 took the guts ... Read More »

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